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What can I cook for the family that I can freeze?

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kbaby Sat 15-Sep-07 22:28:25

DS gets nice homemade foods that I batch cook and freeze on a sunday while the rest of us gets chicken kievs and chips or microwave rice etc because its too late at 8pm to start cooking stuff.

What can I make us all that I can then freeze and warm up in the week?

shouldalistenedtomymum Sun 16-Sep-07 03:00:26

lasagne feezes well. also steak pies, curry or any kind of stew. lovely thick soups with a nice loaf of italian bread. keep some ready-to-eat bags of salad greens to go on the side.

mamama Sun 16-Sep-07 03:18:41

Bolognese or tomato based pasta sauces, pesto etc
Curry, Dahl etc

eidsvold Sun 16-Sep-07 04:06:04

fish pie - make the base and freeze, then top with puff pastry.
chilli as someone else said.

i have made a huge batch of a bolognese sause type - used for spaghetti bolognese, home made sausage rolls utilising the puff pastry, as a mincey casserole with dumplings, as a lasagne sauce.

dh and I used to do a lot of salady type meals so we just had to cook some steaks or fresh salmon fillets. Another easy recipe is to coat chicken breasts in a tandoori paste - cook them then slice - serve on a bed of couscous with salad or cooked veges ( we use frozen bell peppers, corn and peas) with a bit of greek yoghurt on the side.

Egypt Sun 16-Sep-07 06:38:24

hi kbaby! nice to see you on here again....come over to the maybabies....

can't be much help with the meals though, i'm having a meal crisis of my own here too!

MaryBleedinPoppins Sun 16-Sep-07 07:47:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

laura032004 Sun 16-Sep-07 08:09:18

"I also do a really easy chicken in mushroom sauce thing which freezes well and is lovely served with rice but I don't know how strict you are about cooking completely from scratch and it uses a tin of condensed soup as the base for its sauce. Let me know if you'd like that one."

Yes please

MaryBleedinPoppins Sun 16-Sep-07 08:23:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChipButty Sun 16-Sep-07 08:47:45

Vegetarian shepherd's pie is what I'll be making today to freeze for next week's tea, along with quorn bolognese. Have about 10 kilos of apples to stew too, so may make a few crumbles.

laura032004 Sun 16-Sep-07 09:45:54

Thanks MBP - sounds fab. I love mushroomy sauces, and this sounds quick and easy. Maybe even nicer with cream?

totaleclipse Sun 16-Sep-07 10:00:36

Shepperds pie/cottage pie
hot pots

MaryBleedinPoppins Sun 16-Sep-07 10:15:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sparkler Sun 16-Sep-07 10:19:41

*thicko alert* - So when you have made these lovely recipes what next? Leave to cool? Then freeze? What do you do when you want to eat - can you cook from frozen or will you need to defrost first. Sorry I'm terribly dumb when it comes to cooking. blush

MaryBleedinPoppins Sun 16-Sep-07 10:26:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaryBleedinPoppins Sun 16-Sep-07 10:31:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

janeitebus Sun 16-Sep-07 14:52:33

ChipButty, may I ask a stupid question please? You know when you do veggie Shepherd's pie for freezing, do you use the frozen quorn mince for the sauce and then re-freeze it? And is that okay? Cheers!

Threadworm Sun 16-Sep-07 14:55:45

You have a family that you can freeze!?

I wish I could do that -- and defrost them when I have time to deal with them!! wink

littlelapin Sun 16-Sep-07 14:59:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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