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Minced beef

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Applejack87 Fri 24-Apr-20 14:07:19

Hi has anyone got any recipes for minced beef please anything but Spag bol or shepherds pie

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GemSmith738 Fri 24-Apr-20 14:08:26

Chilli con carne?

LIZS Fri 24-Apr-20 14:10:10

Meatballs, lasagne, cottage pie

BiggerBoat1 Fri 24-Apr-20 14:11:51

My kids love Tacos. Cook a fairly dry mince. I fry with onion, garlic, some finely diced red pepper and mushrooms, paprika, salt and pepper and tomato puree and a little bit of water if you need it to stop it sticking. Put in a low oven for 40 minutes. Then load up TACO shells with the mince, grated cheese, lettuce, chopped avocado and some soured cream.

MrJellyBean Fri 24-Apr-20 14:14:08

Burgers: 500g pack makes about 8 along with onion, sage, salt & pepper, breadcrumbs and egg to bind

Raera Fri 24-Apr-20 14:18:36

meatloaf? I've made this one a few times

Emeeno1 Fri 24-Apr-20 14:18:39

Meatloaf, beef mince kebabs, home made burgers.

adelaya Fri 24-Apr-20 14:23:43


MiconiumHappens Fri 24-Apr-20 14:32:44


Hoppinggreen Fri 24-Apr-20 14:34:34

I make it into a curry with peas

LittlePesto Fri 24-Apr-20 14:36:25

I was making a chilli but realised I had no chilli powder last minute so had to make a substitution. Nearest thing I could find in my cupboard was fajita seasoning and it was delicious! So that's my new chilli recipe, its sweet and smoky and a nice change.

Westfacing Fri 24-Apr-20 14:40:32

Cheesy beef quesadillas

Frlrlrubert Fri 24-Apr-20 14:44:33

I did mince tortillas last night because I couldn't be arsed to dig through the freezer for the chicken.

bamboothrough Fri 24-Apr-20 14:44:51

Cheeseburger pasta?
Doner kebab?
Crispy beef noodles?

Dilbertian Fri 24-Apr-20 14:47:34

Savoury plait:

Cook a fairly dry mince and let it cool to room temperature or thereabouts.

Unroll ready-rolled puff pastry and keep it on the paper it came rolled in.

Make cuts about 0.5" apart all the way down the long sides. Make the cuts one third of way across the pastry, so you get solid band of pastry down the middle, with the cuts down either side.

Brush with beaten egg.

Pile the mince onto the solid band and pat into a neat rectangle.

Bring the pastry 'fringes' over the meat, alternating sides one strip at a time, to give a plait appearance. Brush the outside with beaten egg.

Slide the whole thing, on its paper, onto a baking tray with a lip (in case it runs juices!) and bake at Gas 4 or 5 for about 45m until crispy golden.

Dilbertian Fri 24-Apr-20 14:48:34

Make cuts in the pastry BTW, not the paper.

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 24-Apr-20 16:57:06

We all like these sticky beef burritos smile

EarlofEggMcMuffin Fri 24-Apr-20 22:31:43


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