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60-minute Nice Pudding suggestion for DS2's next food tech lesson, please?

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WendyWeber Sat 15-Sep-07 15:32:31

Has to be completed in 60 minutes.

I am the unpuddingest person in the world so I don't have a clue!

WendyWeber Sat 15-Sep-07 15:32:57

Ooops, forgot me TIA smile

Pollyanna Sat 15-Sep-07 15:36:35

an apple crumble? or does it have to be something more special than that?

I remember doing pineapple upside down cake at school smile

MerlinsBeard Sat 15-Sep-07 15:39:32


in an hour it will be prepared,cooked, cooled and drizzled as well as giving him time to do what biys do (ie mess about!)

WendyWeber Sat 15-Sep-07 15:50:40

Oh, the legendary LDC! That would be good - does it count as a paudding though?

Pollyanna, he often makes apple crumble at home so that would be nice and easy, but would need tweaking to make it special. (They're all going to taste each others' and the teacher's going to enter the most popular ones into a comp)

MerlinsBeard Sat 15-Sep-07 16:29:35

of course it counts as a pudding(the clue is cake in Iits namewink)


unless you live here and its a meal in its own right lol!!
If cake is too formal you could do LDC muffins...just divide the mixture between muffin \cases. off teh top of my head i don't know how many the recipe makes but they are nice too

popsycal Sat 15-Sep-07 16:52:45

to continue with the lemon theme:
nigella's cold lemon rice pudding is GORGEOUS
and there is a jamie oliver lemon spongey pudding with a soggy bottom - it is more appetising than it sounds.

Give me a shout if you would like either recipe

Bewilderbeast Sat 15-Sep-07 17:18:42

bread and butter pudding. I do a really idiot proof one and you can change it about by putting lemon curd on the bread, booze in the fruit (if an adult) adding apple etc etc etc. No pre-making custard it all cooks in the oven

WendyWeber Sat 15-Sep-07 17:27:23

Oh goody, more suggestions - all recipes gratefully received! (Lemon puds in general very popular here, smile)

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 15-Sep-07 17:28:31

Queen of puddings is yummy - he'd have to make breadcrumbs and meringue

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 15-Sep-07 17:28:51

ice pudding with cardamom

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 15-Sep-07 17:29:10

doh ! rice pudding I meant

Tamum Sat 15-Sep-07 17:30:04

You could just do creme brulee in that time with a lot of waiting round in the middle. Very easy and effective. Lemon surprise pudding would be good, that may be the same as popsycal's recommendation.

popsycal Sat 15-Sep-07 18:31:40

tamum - i think lmon pudding with the soggy bottom is the same as yours

Do you want recipes, WEndy?

popsycal Sat 15-Sep-07 18:34:47

oooh one of dh;s mates once made a creme brulee with rhubarb in the bottom - was lush

WendyWeber Sat 15-Sep-07 18:46:00

Is the soggy bottom the surprise?

Yes please popsy, recipes for both of yours/tamum's if it's not too much typing? And bewilderbeast's idiot-proof bread-and-butter pudding (with lemon hint) and MAS's ice/rice pudding with cardamom too please.

Thanks, all smile

Creme brulee and queen of puddings easy to find on t'interweb, presumably? (DS2 not keen on rhubarb so that surprise would be out!)

(DS1 made chilli last night and decided to add something unusual as an experiment - I could smell cinnamon as I came through the door hmm - of course dinner eaters shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth but that was weird)

popsycal Sat 15-Sep-07 18:52:26

ooooh i love chiili/spag bol ect with cinamon!!!

the soggy bottom is just my is basically custardy,,,,

I will type them up after i get ds1 to bed after x factpr...having a bit of ds1/mum chilling time

Tamum Sat 15-Sep-07 18:52:49

Mine just sounds more appetising popsy

Will get the creme brulee recipe to you WW; I think the lemon surprise is in Delia but will look.

WendyWeber Sat 15-Sep-07 18:55:28

Well he did say he didn't mean to put so much in, and in fact DD1 subsequently said she's had it with cinnamon too, but the smell was all wrong (although it didn't taste that strong).

Thanks, popsy - doesn't have to be today though, if you're having a wonderful chill - the lesson isn't until Thu or Fri (though I suppose he should practise it first)

WendyWeber Sat 15-Sep-07 18:56:46

Thanks, tamum smile

popsycal Sat 15-Sep-07 18:57:29

ds1 will be in bed by 7:30
after chapter somethingteen of faraway tree

Tamum Sat 15-Sep-07 18:57:45

Here's a lemon surprise pudding recipe that looks like the one I know of:

StarryStarryNight Sat 15-Sep-07 18:59:47

Baked apples?

Use Golden Delicious. Take the core out. Place apples in a oven proof dish. Fill the core with alternate sugar and cinnamon till the core is full. Sprinkle with roughly cut almonds. Bake for 40 minutes till they are all puffed out. Put apple on serving dish, spoon the "sauce" from the oven proof dish over the apples, and the by now caramelized almonds, serve with either cream, whipped cream, or ice cream.

WendyWeber Sat 15-Sep-07 19:00:46

I look the look of that one (esp "Do not panic if the mixture curdles" grin DS2's current favourite pudding thing is a lemon cheesecake and the creamy-eggy-lemony bit always curdles) but I think it's too long - it says 30-60 mins for both prep and cooking, and DS2 is thorough but not quick...?

WendyWeber Sat 15-Sep-07 19:02:42

That sounds good too, SSN, thank you!

I will copy all these out and let him muse smile

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