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What would happen if we baked the fudge?

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Acunningruse Thu 23-Apr-20 14:36:43

3yo and I just made fudge. She loves baking but flour is hard to come by so we made fudge using condensed milk, melted chocolate and butter.

Once it was all melted, she wanted to put it in the oven we we normally would with a cake! Out of interest, what would have happened if we had baked it?

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Blondie1984 Fri 24-Apr-20 02:35:09

A big molten mess

Moonshinemisses Fri 24-Apr-20 03:22:01

You can make baked fudge, the kind you make with flour, comes out a bit like brownies. Not sure without you'd probably end up with a burnt sugar mess. It would be a bugger to clean out the pan i imagine. I bloody love fudge.

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