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Yummy marinade for chicken drumsticks on BBQ tonight PLEASE

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NannyL Sat 15-Sep-07 08:36:58

Does anyone have a yummy marinade recipe that i can 'soak' my chicken drumsticks in ready for a BBQ this evening PLEASE grin

will be going out shopping in an hour or so...

something yummy with not to many ingrediants would be preferebale wink THANKS!

charmkin Sat 15-Sep-07 08:41:02

honey, brown sugar, olive oil, soy sauce, splash balsamic, slat and pepper.
Mix it all up and leave in frige

charmkin Sat 15-Sep-07 08:41:09


NannyL Sat 15-Sep-07 08:47:10

thank you

any idea of quantities or just sort of... 'what ever i feel like chucking in the bowl'?

charmkin Sat 15-Sep-07 08:55:28

the honey and brwon sugar is what makes it stick, the rest is what seasons it. Depends on how much chicken you got

LIZS Sat 15-Sep-07 09:27:32

I've used Delia's Apricot marinade for bbq.

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