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Help! Chicken and butternut squash - what can I make tonight?

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NoNickname Fri 14-Sep-07 17:04:39

Can anyone inspire me? I got some chicken breasts out of the freezer, and I thought they might be nice with some butternut squash, but I can't find any nice recipes. I thought they might lend themselves to something spicy (Moroccan perhaps?), but that doesn't have to be the case, and I have a cupboard-full of other ingredients that I could add to the chicken and squash if needed.

So, help! Does anyone have any nice recipes or creative suggestions?

MrsBadger Fri 14-Sep-07 17:08:36

oh oh

mind you all of their suggestions sound pretty good

Trinityrhino Fri 14-Sep-07 17:10:07

chicken and butternut squash rissoto

chopster Fri 14-Sep-07 17:10:49

this sounds really good. I'm very tempted by that - you make it and tell me if it is tasty! winkgrin

NoNickname Fri 14-Sep-07 17:18:49

Ooh - I'm liking the Waitrose Moroccan one. I don't have any prunes, but could substitute apricots.

Or I could just use chopster's recipe which has apricots anyway.

Trinityrhino - thanks for the suggestion - risotto is my fave! But I don't particularly like it with meat in it. I have a brill squash and sage risotto recipe that I make quite a bit - might have that on Sunday if there's any squash left from tonight.

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