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Murphy Richards bread maker

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AtAmber Sat 18-Apr-20 13:10:56

I've just bought a bread maker, never used one before. All of the recipies include skimmed milk powder which I don't have. Can I just leave it out, or will that ruin it? Any help gratefully received, I'm desperate to try it out!

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fatandlumpy Sat 18-Apr-20 13:45:14

Um... I have a Panasonic and I've never had to use skimmed milk powder. My fall back small sandwich loaf is 400g strong white bread flour, 15g fat (butter or olive oil - I use the latter), 1 teaspoon of sugar, about 1 teaspoon of salt, 280ml boiled and cooled water and 1/2 a teaspoon of yeast. The programme on the panasonic is number 10, which takes 5 hrs in total.

Different machines will have different requirements though. I suggest you go Google your machine to see what other people with the same one suggests.

AtAmber Sat 18-Apr-20 17:04:10

Thanks. I'm going to try it without the skimmed milk powder tonight.

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FusionChefGeoff Sat 18-Apr-20 19:07:14

I used to use the powder religiously and then ran out and haven't bothered since! Don't notice any difference.

AtAmber Sat 18-Apr-20 19:10:54

@fusionchef - that's what I was hoping. We've made bread by hand and never used it. I'm going to try it tonight with the time delay and hope to wake up to a beautiful loaf for breakfast.

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