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Best supermarket celebration cake

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Yesterdayforgotten Fri 17-Apr-20 17:51:29

Hi, I'm lucky to have a few supermarkets locally so I'm planning to go to one to do my weekly shop and pick up a birthday cake at the same time. Any suggestions? I would like a vanilla cake.
Both M&S and Asda used to be lovely in the past but we have had issues with these being dry in more recent times so wont get these. Has anybody tried Lidle or tesco?

I know baking my own would be best but I have no flour and just going to buy this year for a change.

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NuffSaidSam Fri 17-Apr-20 18:06:21

Lidl's cakes are nice imo but I've only tried the carrot and chocolate fudge cakes, not a vanilla one.

Yesterdayforgotten Fri 17-Apr-20 18:15:43

Thanks, yes I have tried the delux choc fudge one and that is my fav bought choc one but not tried the vanilla either.

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PaulinePetrovaPosey Fri 17-Apr-20 18:37:22

I know you said M&S can be dry...but really, can you beat a Colin cake?

Yesterdayforgotten Fri 17-Apr-20 18:56:54

PaulinePetrovaPosey haha I've not tried a colin but of only he was available in vanilla!

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Yesterdayforgotten Fri 17-Apr-20 18:58:27


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NuffSaidSam Fri 17-Apr-20 18:58:44

I think the real question is who is this monster who would rather have a vanilla cake than a choc fudge one or a Colin caterpillar?!

Yesterdayforgotten Fri 17-Apr-20 19:00:57

Haha! Will they be struck down?! shock

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Redwinestillfine Fri 17-Apr-20 19:01:24

Waitrose do decent cake

Yesterdayforgotten Fri 17-Apr-20 19:02:19

Thank you

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CatBatCat Fri 17-Apr-20 19:03:22

Colin is really the best cake

Ginfordinner Fri 17-Apr-20 19:09:08

IMO M and S and the Co-op make the best shop bought cakes. I have never tasted a nice supermarket cake TBH, but I normally do my own baking.

Interestingly, the only shop that I have been able to find flour in recently has been Lidl.

OldGreyBoots Sat 18-Apr-20 02:42:25

I still find asda the nicest, not found it dry but I guess it's partly luck! Confession: I'd choose vanilla birthday cake over chocolate, fudge, or any other concoction wink

BabyLEphant Sat 18-Apr-20 03:09:35

In lockdown, the thought of a Colin the Caterpillar Cake is like a mirage in the desert. If you have a chance to go to an M&S you must get one! cake

Yesterdayforgotten Sat 18-Apr-20 09:53:17

OldGreyBoots when did you last try the asda one? We used to get all our bought vanilla cakes from there (the £8 birthday one with the fondant icing on) as they were the nicest and plenty of vanilla buttercream etc but last 2 years they have been awful and so dry, no buttercream hardly and even the dc haven't wanted to eat any! The cakes in question had really far a head dates as well so it wasn't an expiry issue.

@BabyLEphant I will try it for a suitable occasion when things settle down as colin is getting quite the fanfare on here smile

Wish I could get a hold of flour because id just bake one.

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PenguinsOnParade Sat 18-Apr-20 11:48:15

Morrisons do a llama one with white chocolate shavings on the outside and mini smarties as a hidden centre and it's a lovely cake. Definitely one of the nicest supermarket ones we've ever had.

TheStarryNight Mon 20-Apr-20 14:26:13

Another vote for Colin

Fairylillie Mon 20-Apr-20 14:38:27

The Tesco Sloth chocolate cake was lovely!

Spied Mon 20-Apr-20 14:45:28

The best shop cake ever is the m&s white chocolate and strawberry one.
I have had cakes from all the supermarkets and I haven't had a problem with any. To me the vanilla sponge ones all taste exactly the same. I've often thought they just put them in their own packaging. Last one was from Sainsburys and it was lovely (happy birthday and balloons)

Yesterdayforgotten Wed 22-Apr-20 07:43:00

Managed to scrape together enough flour to make a small homemade vanilla cake filled with buttercream and raspberry jam and covered in fondant; it was amazing.
Hopefully I'll get my hands on some more flour before another birthday if not I will definitely be trying some of your suggestions. Thanks everyone smile

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