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Fridge Freezer turned off for around 18 hours

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fouriershellcorrelation Fri 17-Apr-20 15:03:44

Hi all,

So our fridge freezer was turned off for approximately 18 hours, by accidentally knocking the dial past 0 which controls the power setting when putting some food away. Must've happened some time around 18:00 yesterday as the cheesecake I ate after dinner around 21:00 was noticeably not cold but I thought nothing of it - realised about midday today and turned the power to maximum and kept closed.
We don't eat meat/chicken and only have frozen fish, prawns and fish pie (made about 4 months ago). The fish pie seems to be still frozen through and we're not opening the freezer.

Do you think this stuff will be okay? Is there anything you'd advise or advise us to throw out or eat straight away?

Thanks in advance!

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gamerchick Fri 17-Apr-20 15:07:04

If stuff is still frozen then I wouldn't worry. Fridge freezers usually defrost from the top shelf down. Check everything. If something has defrosted then you know what you're having for tea and lunch tomorrow.

TrashKitten10 Fri 17-Apr-20 16:01:13

Ours was switched off for a day and a half whilst we were away and we barely threw anything. I was surprised that most things seemed in pretty good shape. It will depend how full your freezer is and what sort of things are in there. Ours was jam packed which kept everything colder and it was only the small things like oven chips that had suffered. Even the the frozen spinach balls survived. Check all the little bits as they will defrost quicker, the prawns I'd imagine may have started to defrost. Anything that has stuck together has likely defrosted and then frozen again and is probably best off being used.

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