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Pomegranate seeds

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Perfidy Mon 13-Apr-20 10:39:19

I have pomegranate seeds and pistachios...any ideas for how to use them?

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AtleastitsnotMonday Mon 13-Apr-20 10:56:28

I’d add the, to a cous cous salad with spring onions, peppers, lots of fresh mint, parsley, lemon and lime juice.

KitKatKit Mon 13-Apr-20 11:49:23

I saw a recipe recently with baked sweet potatoes, sourced cream, pomegranate seeds and pistachios, and some Aleppo pepper. I wish I had those things!

ravenmum Mon 13-Apr-20 11:53:43

On any sort of salad or to sprinkle over fritters topped with veg, e.g.:

Perfidy Mon 13-Apr-20 16:55:08

Those fritters look amazing. Have you tried them!

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ravenmum Tue 14-Apr-20 08:46:24

I got in a veggie fritters phase a while back so have tried lots grin but I usually fiddle around and add my own stuff. My favourite is actually with sweetcorn.

ravenmum Tue 14-Apr-20 08:46:48

Big blob of aioli on top is also good.

Spam88 Tue 14-Apr-20 15:13:53

Pomegranate seeds in yoghurt with any kind of North African/Middle Eastern spiced meat. Yummmm.

ravenmum Tue 14-Apr-20 15:24:14

I've also recently discovered pomegranate molasses, delicious!

GrimDamnFanjo Tue 14-Apr-20 15:44:20

In a salad made with lots of rocket, mint, parsley and lemon juice.

Ginfilledcats Tue 14-Apr-20 15:56:51

With lamb in a salad NOM

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