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I have a goose egg and I want to make Banana goose bread/cake any recipes?

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KatyMac Thu 09-Apr-20 09:02:29

Well I have 4 but they are having the others for lunch leaving one left over and I have brown bananas

I normally use the Mary Berry recipe but it's a bit plain and wondered if anyone had anything a bit more ?

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PlanDeRaccordement Thu 09-Apr-20 09:09:08

Yes her recipe is just the foundation. It requires flavourings.

Add: 1tsp cinnamon, 1/2tsp nutmeg

Then add either 100g of chocolate chunks (dark or plain) OR chopped walnuts OR chopped pecans OR substitute orange juice for the milk.

BikeRunSki Thu 09-Apr-20 09:13:25

What plan said.

KatyMac Thu 09-Apr-20 09:39:03

OO we have walnuts, chocolate chips and cinnamon

Or maybe walnuts mango and mango juice?

Hmm let me discuss

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KatyMac Thu 09-Apr-20 10:57:34

Walnut & Raisin (and dark brown sugar)

We will see

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KatyMac Thu 09-Apr-20 11:39:17

One Plain one walnut & Raisin

How long will they last? Neighbours have had a slice of each

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PlanDeRaccordement Thu 09-Apr-20 22:04:27

Well done. How do you like them?

4-5 days they will last.
But you’ll find they usually get eaten before then.
Make sure you store them covered or in cling film.

You can also bake them as muffins/fairy cakes if you get tired of loaves. Takes 20mins in oven and makes them more portable as a snack on the go.

KatyMac Fri 17-Apr-20 22:18:18

Hmm only spotted this sorry

They lasted slightly under 2 days they actually preferred the non fruit one

Love the muffin idea - but tbh we aren't going anywhere right now!

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