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Can I add wet fruit to brioche type dough?

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TitsalinaBumSquash Tue 07-Apr-20 16:13:01

I have loads of apples and pears and I the kids aren't keen to eat them as they are.
I have added grated fruit to pancake batter with great success and I will do the usual tarts and pies/crumbles etc.

I usually make them mini brioches for weekend breakfast and in the last have added raisins or chocolate chips, do you think I could add grated apple/pear or would it make the dough too wet? I'm all for experimenting but at the moment I'm trying not to cock anything up and waste it, would it work and should I decrease the other liquids?

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sorryiasked Tue 07-Apr-20 16:18:27

Could you cook the brioche and then fill with a stewed apple type thing?

TitsalinaBumSquash Tue 07-Apr-20 18:51:11

I hadn't thought of that! blush

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