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Do heinz make any beans for anyone else?

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KatyMac Mon 06-Apr-20 23:08:23

I know heinz dont upset my are there any others I can buy please?

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MintyMabel Mon 06-Apr-20 23:16:10

I'm sure I remember an advert that said they don't.

KatyMac Mon 06-Apr-20 23:39:50

I had a feeling it was like that sad

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GemmeFatale Sat 11-Apr-20 13:37:32

You could make your own? It’s fairly simple

KatyMac Sat 11-Apr-20 19:49:40

They are my go to food when i have a bad attack (I have a damaged section in my bowel) I'd be scared to mess around with the recipe too much

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