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Anyone want to help me devise a biscuit recipe? Fine oatmeal

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Coldhandscoldheart Mon 06-Apr-20 18:47:41

I want to make something like a cranachan cookie. I’ve fine oatmeal, frozen raspberries & raspberry jam. I’d like them to be on the less sweet side as for the children.
I’ve found this savoury biscuit recipe

I’m not sure how much sugar to use. I would like to not use wheat flour at all if possible, but is that going to make them awful? Is there something flour will add that I’d be missing?

Perhaps I should put a bit of honey in? I don’t have any, but could get some. Or could I make a honey buttercream to sandwich them with.

Could I make a raspberry paste to go with that?
I’m about to address bedtime, but would welcome any ideas.

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WillowySnicket Mon 06-Apr-20 19:07:17

In my experience,only using oats makes for a VERY crumbly biscuit. It'll need lots of gooey to keep it together. Ala flapjack butter/syrup type goo. Not exactly healthy-for-the-kids, though!

Coldhandscoldheart Tue 07-Apr-20 06:59:48

Thanks @WillowySnicket I wonder if making a bit of a porridge would help bind it.

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