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Need to use up about 500g of carrots

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XXSex Mon 06-Apr-20 13:03:49

Have a good pantry at her moment so have plenty to add to it. Looking for inspiration from the collective (as can only think of carrot soup).

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chipnightisthenestnight Mon 06-Apr-20 13:04:43

Carrot cake!

TheShoesa Mon 06-Apr-20 13:05:34

I made a veggie spaghetti sauce with onion, garlic, carrots, which was surprisingly nice.
(I was going to say carrot soup!!)

Sackofspuds Mon 06-Apr-20 13:09:29

Carrot salad. Garlic. Chilli. Dressing of an acid (pref. Lime juice) sugar (pref. Maple syrup) oil. (Sesame) nut (peanut). All raw. Nice and spicy

BellaVida Mon 06-Apr-20 13:10:14

Another vote for carrot cake or carrot bread. Alternatively, what about carrot crisps, coleslaw if you have other ingredients, carrot hummus, juice them in their own or with other fruit or veg.

YangShanPo Mon 06-Apr-20 13:10:47

Carrot mash as a vegetable.

YinuCeatleAyru Mon 06-Apr-20 13:11:52

Caramelised Carrot Chutney

Sexnotgender Mon 06-Apr-20 13:12:35

Carrot Hummus is lovely. I use the Riverford recipe.

AryaNoOne Mon 06-Apr-20 13:13:22

I love this katsu sauce which uses carrot as a base and usually double it for one portion immediately and another to go into the fridge for 2-3 days later.

TedsFederationRep Mon 06-Apr-20 13:13:34

Parboil, drizzle in olive oil, season, add dried fennel seeds or dried thyme, and then open-freeze.

When you fancy a few tasty herby roasted carrots with dinner, you can take them straight from the freezer and pop them in a hot oven (with whatever else you are cooking) for about 30 minutes.

IceniSky Mon 06-Apr-20 13:15:18

I made a rice dish with cumin, grated carrots, cashews, peas, onions etc

Sgtmajormummy Mon 06-Apr-20 13:20:32

Peeled and grated with garlic and whole grain mustard vinaigrette. Maybe orange juice instead of lemon.
You can easily eat 500g (4/5 portions) and it’s really tasty!

TeddyBeans Mon 06-Apr-20 13:22:42

Another vote for carrot cake!

littlemissminor Mon 06-Apr-20 13:22:41

I made a carrot and sweet potato soup the other day with stuff to be used up... it was lovely and the easiest thing ever!

BlingLoving Mon 06-Apr-20 13:23:22

We love carrot muffins. I can DM you the recipe (I'd have to take picture and send it) if you want it. They're a bit of a faff to make but not only are they delicious, they freeze really well so we often have a large stash in the freezer for ad hoc muffin requirements. Only issue is that recipe calls for peel and desiccated coconut so if you don't have those lying around you may have to improvise. The peel can probably be discarded completely (I already reduce the sugar overalL) but not sure if the coconut adds to the texture.

Vebrithien Mon 06-Apr-20 13:25:00

Carrot Cookies!
(makes 12)

1 tablespoon margarine
2 tablespoons of sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
6 tablespoons of self-raising flour (plain flour add 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder)
4 tablespoon of grated raw carrot
1 tablespoon of water
Cream the fat and the sugar together with the vanilla essence
Mix in the grated carrot
Fold in the flour adding water as it gets dry
Drop spoonfuls onto greased tray and press down a little
Pre-heat oven to 200C
Sprinkle tops of cookies with extra sugar
Place in oven for 10- 15 minutes

newlabelwriter Mon 06-Apr-20 13:27:25

Carrot dal - it's delicious.

AdoraBell Mon 06-Apr-20 13:30:50

Definitely cake 😁

onitlikeacarbonnet Mon 06-Apr-20 13:34:01


Fantastic South African curry/chilli.
Can definitely be tweaked to use what you have.
It’s delicious and even better the day after.

XXSex Mon 06-Apr-20 13:54:51

Oh wow! Some great ideas there! I don’t think I’ll do carrot cake as I’ve just put an Irish soda bread in the oven and we have 4 bananas that will call for banana bread tomorrow (if not today) so isn’t that too much bread/cake? Did I just say that? shock

Yummy. I’m off to look at links so fit the after noon and think about my dinner!

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Livingthecovidaloca Mon 06-Apr-20 16:01:39

Jack Monroe’s carrot and chickpea soup

Livingthecovidaloca Mon 06-Apr-20 16:02:29

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