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Give me your recipe ideas to do with my 4.5 year old?

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HaggisTheGreat Sun 05-Apr-20 18:36:00

At that age we’ve done omelettes, scrambled eggs, all sorts of pancakes, banana bread, jacket potato mice (google it), “pizzas” (can use pitta or tortilla or even bread as base), toasties, tuna mayo pasta, jam tarts... Stirring, whisking, cutting up things with a not too sharp knife (mushrooms are great), decorating, cutting out cookies/shapes and pressing blender button are all good activities.

delilahbucket Sun 05-Apr-20 17:58:13

DS loved making pasties at that age, especially the eggy wash! Pitta pizzas too.

AtleastitsnotMonday Sun 05-Apr-20 17:35:53

Cheese scones and savoury flapjack are both popular here.

AdaColeman Sun 05-Apr-20 15:32:03

Scones, jam tarts and rock buns are all easy to with children, and don't involve exotic ingredients.

Tinks15 Sun 05-Apr-20 15:26:17

Loving these recipes everyone thank you ☺️

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MotherForkinShirtBalls Sun 05-Apr-20 15:17:17

Banana pancakes are always a winner here - mash banana, add one egg, half a cup of plain yogurt, half a cup of milk, cup of self raising flour and a teaspoon of baking powder. Mix well and dollop spoonfuls onto a frying pan. Flip and cook the other side. Obviously supervise the hot pan part.

Scarletoharaseyebrows Sun 05-Apr-20 15:08:39

Nigella Granny Boyd biscuits are great with kids. Mix, roll into balls, squish with a fork!

KTD27 Sun 05-Apr-20 15:05:53

So we do the pizzas but we make them into toadstools and call them gruffalo pizzas! You just sort of cut a bit out of the bottom on both sides and if you can find mozerella balls it looks like a ‘fairy mushroomstool’ as my little boy calls them.
Also love home made chicken nuggets and fish fingers using either breadcrumbs or cornflakes or Rice Krispies.
Whatmummymakes on Instagram has some lovely ideas too

Ricekrispie22 Sun 05-Apr-20 15:03:26

Mini toad in the hole
Crispy cakes
Easter nests

Bean burgers

Cornflake nuggets

Banana pops

Tinks15 Sun 05-Apr-20 13:59:10

My eldest would love the marshmallow idea @KellyHall thank you!

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Tinks15 Sun 05-Apr-20 13:57:04

Great thinking @nottalotta I could get my 20 month old DD involved to 😊

P.s i didn’t realise you was still on here you’ve commented on my posts in the past. Hope all is well with you & your little family!

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KellyHall Sun 05-Apr-20 13:54:36

Ready rolled sheet of puff pastry, spread with caramelised red onion chutney, sprinkle over goats cheese, black olives and pine nuts. They can do it all! And obviously you can vary the ingredients.

Put marshmallows on sticks, melt chocolate to dip them in, then dip in hundreds and thousands.

Sparrowlegs248 Sun 05-Apr-20 13:47:45

We've done a few things, mostly sweet. Rocky road, rice crispies easter nests, fairy cakes, choc chip biscuits. I find my 2 like to decorate the finished product too.

They also like making their own pizza (often use small wraps so the do one each) with Tom puree, cheese, pepperami, sweet Corn whatever they fancy.
And picnics, I put things out, they assemble.

Tinks15 Sun 05-Apr-20 13:43:13

Savoury/sweet or even fairly healthyish please.
I would like to do some cooking/baking with her over the next few weeks as she enjoys things like this.
I know google can give me lots of ideas but i thought I’d ask you lovely people here first.

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