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I have a tray, what can I bake in it?

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Monr0e Sat 04-Apr-20 16:20:33

I am rubbish at baking. Really really rubbish. But I've a hankering for sweet stuff at the moment.

I'd really like to do some tray bakes but no idea where to start so I'm looking for some easy fool proof recipes

Care to share your favourite tray bakes? Thank you 🙂

Chemenger Sat 04-Apr-20 16:24:55

You need the thread in Classics called, I kid you not, “Which is the tastiest Protestant traybake?”

I can’t do a link on my phone, sorry.

MrsGarethSouthgate Sat 04-Apr-20 16:25:58

You're welcome grin

GreeboIsMySpiritAnimal Sat 04-Apr-20 16:27:43

Ooh, Mary Berry's lemon drizzle tray bake is delicious and so easy!

Umberellaellaella Sat 04-Apr-20 16:32:09

I'm not great at baking as I'm a bit of a err chuck it in type but I am good at non cook tray bakes! Rocky road, tiffins or marshmallow choc and rice krispies etc they seem to be fool proof, you can also make fudge in a slow cooker I've not mastered it but even so it was still delish!

Ricekrispie22 Sat 04-Apr-20 16:54:34

If you’re after something sweet, but don’t want to actually bake:
Rocky road (at this time of year we make a mini egg version)
Rice Krispie squares (we like ours with peanut butter)

Monr0e Sat 04-Apr-20 19:17:31

I'm drooling
Going to raid the cupboards tomorrow and see what I can knock up
Thanks everyone
Definitely trying the lemon drizzle and malteser one, thank you

DuchessDumbarton Sat 04-Apr-20 19:45:53

Monr0e, the long thread about traybake last year is the best ever resource for traybakes. Here.
You're welcome.

Monr0e Mon 06-Apr-20 09:04:16

Thank you

If I can get ingredients this should definitely keep me busy on my days off 🙂

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