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Sandwich wrap ideas

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Shannon30 Wed 12-Sep-07 12:28:25

Hi Everyone
Does anyone give their children wraps in their lunch boxes, i have just started making these for my two (age 4& 5) as they love them, but im usually a bit boring and just put cheese and cucumber on them so i would love to hear about any other great fillings you might put in yours
thanks in advance

mishymoo Wed 12-Sep-07 12:33:11

Tuna, sweetcorn and mayo is delicious!

ledodgy Wed 12-Sep-07 12:37:05

I've not done wraps yet but dd loves pitta pockets filled with hummous and cucumber. Tuna mayo is also good, you could grate cheddar chese and maybe a white cheese together when doing cheese to make it look less boring. You can put anything you want in wraps or pittas to be honest you could make tortilla pizzas for them to take coating them with a tomato based sauce and melting cheese on them and whatever veg you like then cut into small easy to eat triangles.

chopster Wed 12-Sep-07 12:39:49

cold chicken fajita style with peppers, egg mayo and baby spinach leaves, mixed beans with cream cheese, cheese and peppers, chicken and sweetcorn, ham and cheese, anything really.

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