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What to do with a jar of apple sauce?

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GrumpiestOldWoman Fri 03-Apr-20 17:40:52

Have opened a jar of apple sauce. I didn't buy it, it was given to me.

Other than eating with pork etc, what can I do with it to put it to good use?

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Spanneroo Fri 03-Apr-20 17:55:27

Add it to a pork casserole

Add to a flapjack recipe in place of some of the golden syrup

Make an apple pie/crumble and include it

Tanaqui Fri 03-Apr-20 17:57:41

It's nice with plain ordinary or Greek yogurt and a bit of muesli/granola or nuts/seeds.

homemadecommunistrussia Fri 03-Apr-20 18:00:26

Eat it, you don't need to do anything with it.
Hot custard is nice.
There are apple sauce cupcake or muffin recipes if you fancy that.

homemadecommunistrussia Fri 03-Apr-20 18:03:15

Apple sauce cakes

Ricekrispie22 Fri 03-Apr-20 18:21:51

Use it in this macaroni cheese

ReceiptsAreSweet Fri 03-Apr-20 18:23:16

If youre short of eggs for baking it can be used as a substitute (1/3 cup of apple sauce=1 egg).

LynetteScavo Fri 03-Apr-20 18:26:08

Put it on pancakes - add a bit of cinnamon first.

KittenVsBox Fri 03-Apr-20 18:38:28

Make hot cross buns. Although mine arent vegan, as I used cows milk in them!

AdaColeman Fri 03-Apr-20 18:54:31

Stir it into cold custard (ready made custard) for a quick apple fool pudding.

Fill pancakes with it, maybe add some spices.

Make Eve's pudding.

Make apple snow with egg whites.

Bienentrinkwasser Fri 03-Apr-20 18:56:05

Apple sauce and cheese sandwiches. Yum.

Elieza Fri 03-Apr-20 19:23:49

Pass the spoon grin

GrumpiestOldWoman Fri 03-Apr-20 19:33:52

I have partially solved the problem- i've just eaten half a jar with pork casserole, what started as a spoonful...grin

Thanks for the suggestions, making me think I should start buying it grin

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MyDcAreMarvel Fri 03-Apr-20 19:37:59

It’s lovely with carnation milk.

GrumpiestOldWoman Fri 03-Apr-20 20:09:12

What do you think about adding it to brownies? I've a good brownies recipe that uses cocoa powder rather than choc and it's not exactly dry but ,maybe some fruit would be welcome.

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GrumpiestOldWoman Fri 03-Apr-20 20:10:00

Though I now have a craving for toast with apples grin

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