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How many extra meals are you shopping for?

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mooboy Fri 03-Apr-20 08:27:31

I estimate about 30 and we are now buying booze in the weekly shop - no trips to the pub, have to buy the teen’s junk supplies - they used to buy that themselves, no offers anymore - no wonder the cost of my weekly shop has more than doubled!

gaggiagirl Fri 03-Apr-20 07:40:49

I'm so glad I read this. I've never thought about the numbers like that before. My usual amount of weekly shopping just isn't cutting it. DH normally works long shifts and would have 2 meals away from us and now he's home for those and the 3dc are grazing a bit. It's costing a fortune.

Sexnotgender Fri 03-Apr-20 07:39:07

All of DS’s daily food when he’d usually be at nursery.
All of DD’s lunches when she’d be at school.

DH and I would eat out at least once a week. It’s a lot of extra food.
My shopping bill is through the roof. I’d usually shop in Lidl but isolating so having to use deliveries. So much more expensive.

MynameisJune Fri 03-Apr-20 07:35:42

12 for DD who is usually fed at nursery Mon - Thurs
12 for DH who usually works away at least 4 days a week.

I’ve been on mat leave so I’m home all the time with DD2 but I’d usually meet friends for brunch at a soft play. All in all probably an extra 30+ meals a week.

But between the extra meals and snacks it’s working out a lot more expensive although balanced out by not spending on eating out which I had to point out to DH when he moaned about the shopping bill.

homemadecommunistrussia Fri 03-Apr-20 07:31:47

It's a massive amount of extra work, it's made me feel a bit better working it out, so I can see why I feel so worn down by it.

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RedSoloCup Thu 02-Apr-20 21:30:55

I know!! Family if five shopping bill is going through the roof!!

Obviously relative as spending less on other things but prices also gone up and regular promotions cancelled 😟.

Crikey0000 Thu 02-Apr-20 21:23:08

11 extra meals for DS who usually eats some lunches at school & most dinners at childcare. Also snacks for DS & DD, they would both normally pick stuff up at school or in the local shop. Its making shopping a bit tricky, trying not to stockpile but not always getting it right.

NemophilistRebel Thu 02-Apr-20 21:19:08

An extra 5 lunches and 5 breakfasts for DH who normally eats at work
An extra 3 lunches and 3 breakfasts for 1x dc who normally eats at childcare

So 16 in total.

We also normally eat with parents once or twice a week but try to retune the favour as often as possible so that sometimes evens out and therefore not included in this

Aroundtheworldin80moves Thu 02-Apr-20 21:19:00

5- younger DD usually has KS1 free lunches.

But more fruit needed... Both children usually get free fruit at school.

DH still at work, and comes home for lunch anyway. DD1 took a packed lunch. I was at home anyway.

Meal count could go down as DH due to be away more with work.

Aurorie11 Thu 02-Apr-20 21:18:16

142 for family members (7 people) who are self isolating

Then 24 for us (4 people), lunches Monday to Friday, plus one meal out/takeaway per week

Total 166 😥 very stressed by it

ShesGotBetteDavisEyes Thu 02-Apr-20 21:13:46

5 for dh - usually has lunch at work
5 x 4 for Dc’s who usually have lunch at school
And also 6 x 2 for Friday and Saturdays or sundays when we usually order takeout or eat out for lunch.

I am sooo fucking sick of cooking/making lunches!! The worst is not having a delicious curry from our fave curry house on a Friday. I’m making my own but it’s a bit rubbish in comparison.

YahBasic Thu 02-Apr-20 21:09:48

5 for DH lunch
5 for my lunch - we both normally buy out.

We’d probably have at least three meals out a week too.

So 16 total.

Aragog Thu 02-Apr-20 21:03:37

Monday to Friday all three of us have lunch out of the house. I sometimes packed lunch but Dh and dd normally buy as they go. That's 10-15 lunches.

I normally have breakfast at school. Dd usually has a drink and sometimes a snack at the coffee shop for breakfast. So 10 breakfasts.

Weekends - we'd normally have at least 1 or 2 meals out if not more.

We don't normally have MIL living with us. So another 15 there.

So around 40+ meals extra on some form.

homemadecommunistrussia Thu 02-Apr-20 20:56:41

I reckon it's
21 for dd who is not normally here
10 for dh who usually only has his tea at home during the week
8 for me I eat at work quite a bit too.
7 ds eats at school and at friends five guys a fair bit.
That's about 46 extra meals! No wonder I m struggling to keep up with shopping.
Thank God I don't cook for them too.

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