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Non stick oven proof pan

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Summertime10 Thu 02-Apr-20 20:31:33

Hi all, I'm looking for recommendations for a nonstick pan that's also oven proof please. I'm currently binge watching Jamie Oliver's new 'keep cooking and carry on' and he uses one a lot.
Thank you

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Raera Fri 03-Apr-20 09:49:56

Have a look at Tefal Ingenio.
The handle removes to put it in the oven. Love mine!

Summertime10 Fri 03-Apr-20 17:23:04

Super, thank you.

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notnowlater Fri 03-Apr-20 19:07:46

I have three of these pans from Ikea:

Have lasted for a good few years, and non-stick coating has remained reasonably intact so you don't need to use much oil.

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