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WWYD with a turnip?

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LalalalalaLlama Tue 31-Mar-20 18:07:58

Got 2 turnips in our farm veg box. Only thing I can think of to use them is a root veg tray bake (also got Swede sweet potato and regular potatoes)

Any other ideas? I don't think I've ever eaten a turnip before.

TheQueef Tue 31-Mar-20 18:09:24

Save one as a makeshift weapon.

sorry don't eat orrible turnip

YippeeKayakOtherBuckets Tue 31-Mar-20 18:13:24

Throw it at your neighbours if they go outside more than once a day?

FanSpamTastic Tue 31-Mar-20 18:14:28

Some sort of mash?

LucaFritz Tue 31-Mar-20 18:17:21

Boil it and make mash they aren't really good for roasting ive found. I love all veg except turnips because even with a sharp heavy knife im there for ages trying to cut through it and they dont even taste great

TheQueef Tue 31-Mar-20 18:18:32

I carry childhood trauma.
No pumpkins here just great big turnips and a blunt knife sad

ConferencePear Tue 31-Mar-20 18:21:48

Cut into pieces, boil it then grate it and serve with lots of butter and pepper. If you have a carrot boil and grate that into the mix.
I love it.

Usuallytootiredbuthappyanyway Tue 31-Mar-20 18:22:34

I've got one I'm wondering what to do with as considering Cornish pasty, don't they usually have turnip in? Or is it swede?

BlackboardMonitorVimes Tue 31-Mar-20 18:24:18

It makes a lovely pickle grin

Snozzlemaid Tue 31-Mar-20 18:27:36

Vegetable soup with carrots, onions, sweet potato etc

byebyebeautiful Tue 31-Mar-20 18:29:15

Lentil soup - turnip, carrots, lentils and stock (plus ham or bacon if feeling posh).

Tartyflette Tue 31-Mar-20 18:31:24

You peelthrm, cut into chunks, boil or steam until tender, then drain the water from the pan, add a knob of butter and a couple of pinches of sugar and sauté until they are lightly caramelised. Delicious with chops or fish.
Madhur Jaffrey has a really good recipe for spiced turnips with mint and coriander.

Sorry, not the full recipe but from memory think you just peel and chunk the turnips, add to a sautéed base of onions, garlic, chopped or grated fresh ginger. Add About a tsp of turmeric and a couple of tsps of ground coriander. And i think about half a tin of tomatoes, season and simmer until the turnips are tender. Then add lots of fresh chopped mint and coriander, simmer a minute or two longer.

toomuchfaster Tue 31-Mar-20 18:31:25

Turnip soup? I made turnip and kale soup and it's lush.

Tartyflette Tue 31-Mar-20 18:32:55

It's Swede in a Cornish pasty!

LalalalalaLlama Tue 31-Mar-20 18:33:47

I like the pasty idea! Could mix with the Swede.

Turnip & Carrot mash although probably most realistic, doesn't sound particularly appealing.

Soup if all else fails.

Keep the ideas coming!

ScouseMar Tue 31-Mar-20 18:33:49

I've had it in a gratin / dauphinois thing before and it was nice!

Something like this?

PickAChew Tue 31-Mar-20 18:34:58

They're lovely in a curry.

Khione Tue 31-Mar-20 18:51:28

Roast it first to make it easy to cut up then put in soup with any other veg you have. Only essential is onion or leeks after that anything goes. Plenty of seasoning.

(My favourite include carrots, butternut squash and sweet potato)

I make it very thick and freeze it in portions and add milk, water or wine to get the right consistency when heated up. Stir in yoghurt or cream cheese when you serve it.

Marieo Tue 31-Mar-20 18:52:57

Cut into chunks, boil, cover in cheese and bake for a few mins, yummy. Can leave the cheese and just have it boiled, that tastes nice too.

cdtaylornats Wed 01-Apr-20 16:02:16


rbe78 Wed 01-Apr-20 16:10:38

In stew is nice - either veggie or beef.

If using beef, brown off first, then remove.

Sweat onions, garlic, then loads of veg chopped into large chunks (carrot, potato, celery, swede, parsnip, the dreaded turnip).

Red wine, stock, tin of tomatoes, bay leaf. Return beef if using.

Oven at 160 for a couple of hours (three if using beef). Yum!

PerkingFaintly Wed 01-Apr-20 16:13:17

Turnips are awesome in stew. They soak up all the stew flavours, so they're like having extra meat.

Onesailwait Wed 01-Apr-20 16:17:59

Make a mash with carrot. Cook some other Veg & roast potatoes. Leave it all till tomorrow & make bubble & squeak with a fried egg & lots of brown sauce. My teenager is making this for us tonight,I cant wait.

LalalalalaLlama Wed 01-Apr-20 16:40:26

Didn't think of stew! I do love a good stew.

Although I might do the rumbledethumps just because of the name 😂

ConferencePear Wed 01-Apr-20 17:04:15

" doesn't sound particularly appealing "

How very dare you -

Jamie write it better than I do -

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