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I have a gift box of salami, pepperoni and chorizo

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Makeitgoaway Sun 29-Mar-20 14:06:26

Each about a foot long and 1.5 in diameter

Would you just slice and eat or make more of a meal with them?

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BrieAndChilli Sun 29-Mar-20 14:09:17

You can dice chorizo and have with diced chicken in a pasta bake
Slice pepperoni on to pizza

AdaColeman Sun 29-Mar-20 14:50:20

If you've got any boring chicken or fish in the freezer waiting to be used up, combine with the chorizo for more interesting flavourful dishes.

Or dice and fry chorizo and add to things like mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, soups etc etc for interest and flavour.

TheOwlandThe Sun 29-Mar-20 14:51:42

Ugh no eat on it's own. With bread and cheese and pickle

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