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Fast action yeast anywhere?

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maslinpan Sat 28-Mar-20 09:07:21

Our supplies of flour are not too bad, but has anyone succeeded in getting fast action yeast? We are avoiding the supermarket as much as possible, but is yeast coming back into circulation yet?

cdtaylornats Sat 28-Mar-20 09:46:12


Spam88 Sat 28-Mar-20 10:54:33

Only stuff from Asia is available on amazon with expected delivery in May.

maslinpan Sat 28-Mar-20 13:41:20

Well, looks as if the campaign to get my kids to like soda bread is going to begin a bit sooner than I thought.

Blondie1984 Sun 29-Mar-20 03:13:45

If there’s a bakers near you then ask them if they can sell you some fresh yeast - then you just use twice as much fresh as you would dried

violetbunny Sun 29-Mar-20 07:25:24

Maybe try some "lockdown loaf" (as we are affectionately calling it in this part of the world)? It's doing the rounds on Facebook 🙂

maslinpan Sun 29-Mar-20 09:44:35

I just happen to have a bottle of Bud Light that I won at the school tombola, so that's a brilliant solution - thanks!

Spam88 Sun 29-Mar-20 12:20:46

I might have a fight on my hands if I try to commandeer a bottle of my DH's beer to make bread grin highly amuses that corona doesn't work.

maslinpan Sun 29-Mar-20 13:22:59

I wouldn't make bread with beer that I might actually want to drink!

Thebookswereherfriends Sun 29-Mar-20 13:34:21

Someone who works in the bakery dept of Tesco said that you can ask them for some fresh yeast, they’ll pop some in a bag for you. I’ve not tried yet as I’ve still got a 1/3 of a tin left. I don’t understand why it’s still impossible to get - our supermarkets locally and smaller shops have all been out for 3 weeks now. I thought with the restrictions it would have meant there was some on the shelves. Very frustrating especially for those of us who have been making our own bread for months before all this.

Pintsizedblondie197 Sun 29-Mar-20 14:49:03

Where are people getting their flour from please?

maslinpan Sun 29-Mar-20 16:22:42

I am getting some delivered by a no-waste refill shop that sells stuff by weight. There were restrictions and I couldn't get strong bread flour, but wholemeal was available. If you have the money and patience, independent/wholefood shops are better for dry goods if they've had to switch to home delivery.

UnaOfStormhold Sun 29-Mar-20 19:45:26

What about making your own sourdough starter? You can make it with all sorts of different things and then you have an endless supply.

maslinpan Mon 30-Mar-20 08:05:24

I have dabbled with sourdough before, so that's a good idea, but the kids won't eat it. Well, not yet, in a few weeks they might!

mdh2020 Mon 30-Mar-20 08:11:07

How about making flat bread with the children? I tried it last week and it was very tasty.(recipe below). Also you could make savoury scones instead of bread to have with soup.

2 cups pl flour
1 tbsp baking powder
1 tsp salt

Mix to a dough with approx 1 cup lukewarm water

Leave for 30-60 minutes.

Divide dough into 6 and roll out in circles as thin as possible

Heat a frying pan and lightly grease (as for pancakes).
Cook on both sides just till they start to brown

FawnDrench Mon 30-Mar-20 19:09:49

This bread is apparently delicious -

FawnDrench Mon 30-Mar-20 19:16:20

Oops sorry - see link above, hope it works.

It's Rathmullen House, famous Guinness bread - you can search for it on Facebook

ProfYaffle Mon 30-Mar-20 19:17:58

I saw this on facebook, not tried it but you never know!

violetbunny Tue 31-Mar-20 01:45:28

I had a go at making the Lockdown loaf myself, using the recommended toppings. Just enjoying it for lunch now with soup, it's very nice!

Knowhowufeel2 Tue 31-Mar-20 01:51:38

@Pintsizedblondie197, I recently had flour delivered from Marriage's Millers. They're based in Essex, but have an online shop and deliver. Their flour is really good; makes great bread.

If you type 'marriages flour' into Google they should come out top. smile

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