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Making bread/rolls without yeast

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MumGoneCrazy Wed 25-Mar-20 20:50:01

Does it work? If so recipes please grin

The DC have made cakes, ice cream, brownies and custard slices so far this week and want to try bread next but I have no yeast.

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Elouera Wed 25-Mar-20 20:51:49

soda bread doesnt need yeast.

Lisette1940 Wed 25-Mar-20 20:55:28

Lisette1940 Wed 25-Mar-20 20:55:57

I like white soda bread with jam too!

MothershipG Wed 25-Mar-20 21:03:06

Flat bread

Blondie1984 Wed 25-Mar-20 23:13:17

Make sourdough!! It's a great learning experience for kids - they will love creating their "starter" and watching it change each day - and actually it's really easy

Blondie1984 Wed 25-Mar-20 23:14:37

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