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Underwater themed party - Any foodie ideas?

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MummyJules Sat 08-Sep-07 15:29:46

Looking for ideas for an underwater themed party - Have the themed cake but would love some inventive ideas on how I can supply some exciting food for the tea after swimming at the local pool....

Any ideas?

beansontoast Sat 08-Sep-07 15:31:09

jelly fish

ha ha ha ...hilARious?

SlightlyMadSCAREYthing Sat 08-Sep-07 15:33:52

Pink shrimp sweets?

MarcellusLadinium Sat 08-Sep-07 15:34:44

Fish fingers (goujons for those that don't like to say fish fingers)

filthymindedvixen Sat 08-Sep-07 15:38:36

tuna/salmon/crab sandwiches
fishfingers and chip(wrecks)
Obv yes, jellyfish grin

'treasure chest' centre peice with gold coins/sweety necklaces spilling out fo it?

compo Sat 08-Sep-07 15:39:27

sandwiches and cake cut into fish shapes

compo Sat 08-Sep-07 15:39:44

skips (the crisps) as shells grin

MummyJules Sat 08-Sep-07 15:45:43

Oooo good ideas! How would I form the treasure chest?

hanaflower Sat 08-Sep-07 15:46:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mytwopenceworth Sat 08-Sep-07 15:59:29

Octo-dogs (Hotdogs that look like tiny octopuses. Cut all the hotdogs in half - but not all the way - only so that they open. Then you slice halfway up four times on each half so that you have 8 dangling sections and place in boiling water. Watch them curl up like arms!!!)

Submarines (Subs!! you can make this a buffet-where everyone makes their own subs)

Fish-shaped tuna sandwiches (Use a fish shaped cutter)

Pasta shells

Seaweed pasta (Green linguine)

crab sticks

Shrimp dip

Under-the-sea fruit salad (Add blue food coloring to give it the under-the-sea effect)

Jellyfish sandwiches (Peanut Butter and jelly - fish shaped cutter)

Jelly boats (halved oranges, squeeze them so the juice comes out, make jelly in them, set then make a sail and stick it in with a cocktail stick.

fake sushi

4 oz butter
2 lb minimarshmallows
3 lb Rice Crispies
20-25 gummy worms
1-2 boxes of Kellogg’s Fruit Winders
12 x 17 inch baking sheet or Swiss roll tin
Large saucepan
What to do:
Grease a 12- by 17-inch baking pan
Melt butter in a large pan over medium heat.
Add the marshmallows and stir until smooth.
Remove mixture from heat and stir in the rice crispies until evenly coated.
Turn the baking sheet so that the shorter ends are at the top and bottom. Then press the marshmallow mixture on the sheet, distributing it evenly.
Starting at one side and 1 inch up from the lower edge, place gummy worms atop the mixture end to end in a horizontal line.
Gently roll the lower edge of the marshmallow mixture over the gummy worms.
Then stop and cut the log away from the rest of the mixture. Use the same method for 4 more logs.
Slice each log in 1-inch-thick "sushi" rolls and wrap them individually with a strip of fruit leather.

mytwopenceworth Sat 08-Sep-07 16:01:24

forget to add the pages I found this stuff on


TollockyBoss Sat 08-Sep-07 16:33:29

Have you not got a ready supply of small treasure chests in the house ? Just me then...grin
(I had a small plain wooden box which I painted brown and painted on the fastenings and 'clasps' with gold paint when we had a pirate party)

pointydog Sat 08-Sep-07 16:37:12

biscuits cut with star shaped cutter, some orange coloured icing - starfish.

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