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help need with soya mince please explain to me?

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bananaknickers Sat 08-Sep-07 10:49:11

Brought some and the intention was to bulk out spag bog made with beef mince. It's dried and I can't remember whether I have to soak it or just toss it in dried. I know you ladies will know. Cheers

bananabump Sat 08-Sep-07 10:56:19

some ideas here

Don't think you have to soak it (beanfeast is the same stuff iirc) but it needs to be simmered for at least 30 min to absorb the liquid.

bananaknickers Sat 08-Sep-07 11:04:18

Thanks bananabump that link is very useful smile

ToastAddict Sat 08-Sep-07 12:44:35

Think it depends on which version you buy. I get the Sainsbury's one, pour a load of boiling water over it, let it swell up for five minutes or so, then drain it and rinse under the tap until it runs clearish - the liquid that comes off doesn't smell all that great!!

Then add to your bolognaise, I guess after you've browned the meat? I'm veggie so use the soya alone. Needs to cook for a while to get the flavour into the mince.

Hope this helps

bananaknickers Mon 10-Sep-07 12:41:36

Thanks toast

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