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Habanero peppers - I have none...

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Lordfrontpaw Fri 13-Mar-20 18:03:16

I have a recipe that calls for these but I’ve only got some fresh green peppers. Will that do? I don’t want super hot anyway!

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dementedpixie Fri 13-Mar-20 18:39:30

Is it chilli peppers you have?

Lordfrontpaw Fri 13-Mar-20 19:07:45

Green jalapeños - I love them but this is a recipe DS rustled is when I made the mistake of saying ‘I’ll cook anything you fancy on Friday’. He won’t know the difference will he?

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cdtaylornats Fri 13-Mar-20 23:01:39

Habanero are about 100,000 Scovilles
Bell Peppers are 0 so you would only be using them for texture.

I would use the peppers and add some dried chilli or chilli flakes

Lordfrontpaw Sat 14-Mar-20 07:03:33

I made it with the green! It was very red so I guess it looked hot!

Apparently (it was meaty and I don’t eat it) it was very nice - the sauce also had curry powder and paprika in it and a tonne of garlic - My hands still smell!

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