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What snacks do you give your children?

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Tinks15 Wed 11-Mar-20 22:24:47

Really struggle with snacks for my DD’s, need some ideas. I give fruit (when they’ll have it), raisins & the odd biscuit but what else can I give? One is nearly 5 & other is 20 months.

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Blondie1984 Thu 12-Mar-20 01:45:59

Oatcakes or rice cakes
Small chunks of cheese
Homemade lollies
Malt loaf

Ricekrispie22 Thu 12-Mar-20 04:50:16

Pot of jelly
Portion of cheese
Flavoured milk (Nesquik or Crusha)
Mini pitta bread
Veg sticks and dip
Mini milk or fruit juice ice lolly

GinnyStrupac Thu 12-Mar-20 05:36:06

Rice cakes
Fruit or fruit salad
Peanut butter on wholemeal toast
Apple slices with peanut butter dip
Carrot sticks with hummus dip
Cherry or plum tomatoes
Hummus on wholemeal toast
Honey on wholemeal toast
Nuts and raisins
Drinks - water or milk. I save the fruit juice until breakfast or with a meal, and then only a small amount.

CMMum88 Thu 12-Mar-20 05:37:16

Rice cakes with peanut butter or marmite on
Brown rice crackers and cheese
Home made muesli slice
Veg sticks and hummus
Corn chips and salsa
Crumpets with honey or jam
Lots of fruit as she will eat any fruit, she loves grapes and mandarins especially.

Mrsdoubtfireswig Fri 13-Mar-20 20:51:14

Hummus on toast or crackers or with breadsticks
Cheese or cheese spread and crackers
Rice cakes and fruit
Dry cereal like Cheerios or shreddies with fruit

Mine eats fruit but won’t eat any veg sticks

Tinks15 Fri 13-Mar-20 21:24:22

Thanks everyone. Getting them to eat fruit is a struggle at the moment, I just keep offering it to them.

Was trying to think is there a fairly healthy but tasty snack I could make myself.

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APurpleSquirrel Fri 13-Mar-20 21:31:37

I make a sort of trail mix of dried fruit, Cheerios, Fruit Paws/Claws, Fruit Strings, Yoghurt covered raisins/fruit bits, flapjack & occasionally mini marshmallows, Milky Way Stars, mini biscuits.
Other snacks:
Frozen peas
Puffcorn (by Organix)
Ritz mini biscuits
Dairylea Dippers
Freeze-dried Smoothie (can't remember the brand)
Homemade Banana Loaf

Tinks15 Fri 13-Mar-20 22:02:10

Thank you - I need to find a nice healthyish flapjack recipe.

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love2work Fri 13-Mar-20 22:10:44

I struggle with the same, thanks for posting!

Ricekrispie22 Sat 14-Mar-20 08:00:33

Bliss balls are really easy. Just need to use a food processor.
Frozen yogurt bark
Banana pops The possibilities are endless! We use Cheerios, coco pops, choc chips, coconut etc...
Rice cake animals
Frozen yogurt granola cups
Sugar free flapjacks without any stupidly expensive or fancy ingredients! I add extras such as chopped dried apricots, dried cranberries, sultanas, dried apple pieces etc.,.
Muesli muffins

Ricekrispie22 Sat 14-Mar-20 08:01:27

Frittata muffins are quick and easy. These ones can be frozen too
Cheese flapjacks
Spinach and cheese muffins

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