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My 1 year is addicted to Plum Baby

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Strike1 Fri 07-Sep-07 14:55:10

I find it hard to be sure my 1 year old is getting a good and varied diet. He loves the Plum Baby range of foods and has one with every meal. I either hide my stuff in it (spag bol, chick stew etc) or he has avocado, cheese, pasta or bread along side. On the up side he loves his berrys (raspberries, strawbrerries, blackberries) but I want him to have a meal that doesn't have to contain a bloody expensive pot of food. If we try anything new, or I put my food in the pots, he spits it out......ahhhhh please tell me he'll grow out of it and won't be taking his own plum baby supply into restturants when he's older!

Habbibu Fri 07-Sep-07 15:03:32

Does he try to nick stuff off your plate? Can you leave your plate temptingly near him (secretly watching like a hawk for crockery disasters) and see if the copying Mummy thing will work?

Strike1 Fri 07-Sep-07 15:17:03

That's a good idea, I'll give it a try. He's a bit short on teeth at the moment, so maybe as more come, he'll be more adventurous.

Habbibu Fri 07-Sep-07 15:57:08

God, don't worry about the teeth thing - you'll be amazed what they can do with those very hard gums. A friend of mine's little one only had 2 teeth at 17 months, and ate everything they did...

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