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How can I get my kids to eat frozen veg?

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stirling Sun 08-Mar-20 13:47:32

Really need to simplify my life for a couple of months and I'm menu planning as there are a couple of operations on the horizon for me.

I've got bags of mixed frozen vegetables, reportedly just as healthy as fresh, but so far - it's being pushed to the side of the plate.
Any suggestions?
Thank you

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AtleastitsnotMonday Sun 08-Mar-20 13:53:02

Don’t serve it as a side, incorporate it into the dish, eg curry, chilli, add to cottage pie etc. What sort of veg is it?

Horehound Sun 08-Mar-20 13:53:44

Exactly, mix it into spaghetti Bolognese etc

TheQueef Sun 08-Mar-20 13:54:18

Make fritters.
On ready steady cook this week gone.

AnnaMagnani Sun 08-Mar-20 13:56:26

Never as a side, always in the dish - bulking out pies, curries, stews.

Mixed frozen veg I do remember as being the most depressing veg of my childhood though. I think I'd pick any other frozen veg over that.

GrumpyHoonMain Sun 08-Mar-20 13:56:39

I puree it and stir it into bolognese or lasagna - they have nothing to pick out then.

NannyR Sun 08-Mar-20 13:58:47

I use a fair amount of frozen veg but I find that you have to be a bit selective about which you choose - they may be as nutritious but some of them can be very tasteless especially if you just boil them.

I buy frozen cauliflower cheese and mix in frozen leeks before baking it. Tesco do a bag of mixed roasted veg (courgettes, aubergine, peppers, tomatoes) that makes a great pasta sauce. Frozen peppers and mushrooms are great in chilli. You can buy frozen soffrito mix (finely chopped onion, carrot and celery) which makes cooking bolognese a lot easier. Frozen green beans and cauliflower are good in curries. I use a lot of frozen spinach, you can add a bit to all sorts of meals, pesto pasta for example or lentil dhal.

SW16 Sun 08-Mar-20 13:59:39

Get proper vegetables - frozen whole green beans, broccoli florets etc.
Frozen sweetcorn is OK - mixed with tuna with a baked potato?

Not 'Mixed Veg'

Cauiliflower or Cauliflower and broccoli cheese.
Cauli and potato curry

mamamalt Sun 08-Mar-20 14:01:23

I spent way too much money on a tiny bag of Peppa pig carrots and peas recently... DS (3) ate them all up. Despite learning at nursery recently that he 'doesn't like carrots they're yucky' grin

P1nkHeartLovesCake Sun 08-Mar-20 14:16:43

Mixed frozen veg is the worst. Buy bags of either carrots, peas, broccoli, sweetcorn not mixed

Also are you over cooking the veg? It is easy to get frozen veg mushy

Put the veg in the curry, spag Bol rather than at the side of the plate?

stirling Sun 08-Mar-20 14:48:14

Thanks everyone! I'll take the advice to buy it mixed and try separate . I'm not going to be able to make meals as before eg pies, curries bolognese etc to add it to because I won't be standing at the cooker much. Idea was to serve alongside some fresh fish or chicken I could just bung in the oven with herb butter or something.

Can you tell I'm hopeless in the kitchen at the best of times? smile

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SW16 Sun 08-Mar-20 18:11:16

What veg do they usually like?

Ricekrispie22 Mon 09-Mar-20 04:42:54

This recipe is so quick to prepare . It serves 1, but can easily be multiplied

You could make soup

circleorsquare Mon 09-Mar-20 06:43:24

Microwave but with a really tiny bit of water or none at all. Makes a real difference in taste!

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