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BBQ pulled pork

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BeansOnToast123 Sat 14-Mar-20 11:05:30

Right well thought I’d save this to have this weekend instead. Just been to a number of shops to get some bbq sauce and it seems everyone is stockpiling it, empty shelves in the four stores I went to!! Same with mayonnaise and biscuits too!

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BeansOnToast123 Sun 08-Mar-20 12:25:42

Ooooo crispiness does sound good!😋

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steppingout Sun 08-Mar-20 11:56:10

As an odd on, I can recommend shredding the meat then spreading it out under the grill for a few minutes so it goes a bit crispy on top, then adding the rest of the sauce from the slow cooker. Delicious!

Snowpaw Sun 08-Mar-20 11:52:20

So much liquid comes out of the meat - definitely don’t need extra

dementedpixie Sun 08-Mar-20 11:25:22

Fat will come out the pork so it shouldn't be too dry. I normally baste once or twice when I do it in the oven. Dont know if you'd do that with a slow cooker

BeansOnToast123 Sun 08-Mar-20 11:15:18

Perfect thank you! That’s tea tomorrow night sorted! grin wasn’t sure if it would dry out with no water. I’ll put it on low in the morning

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dementedpixie Sun 08-Mar-20 11:03:53

I do it in the oven (140⁰C). Pork shoulder with bbq sauce poured over. Cover/wrap in foil and cook for 4/5 hours. I assume it'd work the same in a slow cooker

SavoyCabbage Sun 08-Mar-20 11:00:55

I just put the sauce on the top and that's it,

Spam88 Sun 08-Mar-20 10:59:43

I can't find the recipe I used to use, but it was sliced onions in the bottom, pork shoulder on top and a little bit of chicken stick poured over. Then once it's cooked you shredded it up and added all the sauce ingredients and just let it warm through for a bit.

BeansOnToast123 Sun 08-Mar-20 10:29:00

Morning all!
I saw on here the other day someone said pork in the slow cooker with a bottle of bbq sauce. Does it also need some water in it or literally meat and sauce?
After an easy way of making it as DH isn’t really keen on anything I make in the slow cooker!

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