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Cooking rice in oven

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SC10 Sat 07-Mar-20 07:50:04

Has anyone got advice on how to make rice in the oven rather than stove top please, and which rice would be best to use for it?

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FickleTickle Sat 07-Mar-20 07:57:57

I do this because I have an Aga (which is meant to be used 20% hob and 80% oven apparently) so I put my rice (any really) in a pot with double the amount of water (so, 1 cup rice, two cups water) and bring it to the boil then pop it into the oven with the lid on til it cooks.

SC10 Sat 07-Mar-20 21:00:22

Thank you Fickle.

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TheClitterati Sun 08-Mar-20 10:37:53

A friend of mine cooks rice in the oven all the time really successfully. But he is one of those fancy Miele steam ovens. The instructions came with the oven.

TheClitterati Sun 08-Mar-20 10:39:13

I'm not friends with an oven. But my friend HAS a MIELE oven grin

SC10 Sun 08-Mar-20 13:06:32

Thank you so much. I have just got a new induction job and for some reason the rice is just not cooking in a saucepan on it, it remains hard, so I thought I would try baking it as I have wasted quite a few pan fulls now doing it on the hob.

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drownininplaymobil Sun 08-Mar-20 13:13:53

The recipe on the Spruce Eats website is amazing! Works perfectly every time.

SC10 Sun 08-Mar-20 13:20:32

Thank you, I have just looked up that Spruce Eats recipe, I normally buy Lurpack Spreadable, do you think it would be okay to use that instead of butter?

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wibdib Sun 08-Mar-20 13:38:19

Delia used to have a good oven baked risotto recipe but dc don’t like risotto so I’ve got out of habit of making it so don’t have the recipe to hand. Needs risotto rice though.

Alternatively cooking rice in the microwave works well too.

drownininplaymobil Sun 08-Mar-20 17:57:54

Yep, we use dairy-free Flora.

SC10 Mon 09-Mar-20 06:48:19

Thank you very much everyone for your help, I really appreciate it.

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Mumdiva99 Mon 09-Mar-20 06:51:19

An induction hob should cook rice (and everything else absolutely normally) - are you using the right kind of pans? Does your other food cook ok on it? Just wondering if it is faulty? Is it a built in hob or one of those portable plates? - I loved my induction hob....then we moved away....

Myimaginarycathasfleas Mon 09-Mar-20 07:13:00

Agree there is something wrong either with the job or the pan you are using. But baked rice is lovely.

Myimaginarycathasfleas Mon 09-Mar-20 07:13:33

Hob not job. Autofucker.

TeaAndStrumpets Mon 09-Mar-20 07:58:45

I will cook rice in the oven if it's on for something else already. As above, 2x water to rice, in a lidded container, approx 25 min at fan 180. I would never switch the oven on just for rice, though, so also use a little rice cooker or my steamer. Steamed rice is so easy, it never overcooks. I always do boiled eggs in my steamer, too.

Come to think of it, burnt rice and exploding eggs always used to be a regular thing using the hobgrin

TeaAndStrumpets Mon 09-Mar-20 08:00:27

Referring to Basmati.

picklemewalnuts Mon 09-Mar-20 08:39:06

I cook basmati in the microwave. Open deep pot, usual ratio. High until it boils, then either give it another minute every now and then, or switch it to defrost until it's ready.

Noodlenosefraggle Mon 09-Mar-20 12:09:30

I was going to say microwave rice cooker is great. Otherwise you can make rice in the oven. You just need a close fitting lid on your pot, or cover it with foil and then put the lid on. You can make nice rice dishes in the oven like biriyani or baked risotto.

bilbodog Mon 09-Mar-20 12:36:39

This recipe is great - just leave out the extras if you want plain rice.

Bluntness100 Mon 09-Mar-20 12:40:45

My friend does this ans it’s fantastic, normal oven, she adds the rice and water but also a mix of spices etc and then she covers it in tin foil, shoves it in and let’s it cook for as long as required, I think the tinfoil keeps the steam in, it’s always perfect.

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