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Left over roast lamb

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Alakazam8 Fri 06-Mar-20 18:03:31

I’m cooking a lamb shoulder this weekend and always have leftover meat as there’s just 2 of us here.
I’m struggling to find any recipes that use up the leftovers and have previously had to throw some away as it didn’t get used in time.
Any ideas that use it up- preferably quick meals if possible please.

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chipsandgin Fri 06-Mar-20 18:07:29

Lamb curry, can be an incredibly lazy one too - curry paste, onions, tinned tomatoes & lamb plus any veg (cauliflower or spinach is nice). Chuck it all in one pot & do some rice or naans & it’s delicious!

stophuggingme Fri 06-Mar-20 18:08:40

Sensational with Greek salad and hummus

HowlsMovingBungalow Fri 06-Mar-20 18:09:29

Lamb saag - Yum!

BreakHerOffAKitKat Fri 06-Mar-20 18:09:40

Just saw a picture on Instagram of someone who made a Moroccan lamb risotto - no idea of the recipe so that's not much help to you but it looked amazing!

stophuggingme Fri 06-Mar-20 18:09:56

And if you can be bothered spanakopita
Warm pita breads and a good red wine

formerbabe Fri 06-Mar-20 18:10:01

Put in wraps with hummus, salad, chilli sauce and crumbled feta

Tuliptulip Fri 06-Mar-20 18:11:02

Shepherds pie!

loobylou10 Fri 06-Mar-20 18:11:52

Shepherds pie

Tuliptulip Fri 06-Mar-20 18:11:58

Bung the leftover gravy in as well...

BreakHerOffAKitKat Fri 06-Mar-20 18:13:16

Oh it was Greek lamb risotto not Moroccan at all !

Mydogatemypurse Fri 06-Mar-20 18:14:35

Slow fry garlic and onion with some sugar to caramalise, add flour fry off, add balsamic vinegar, red currant jelly, lamb stock and rosemary. Add the meat, and simmer to thicken and reduce. Serve with minted baby potatoes and veg x

Mydogatemypurse Fri 06-Mar-20 18:15:18

Or add cooled peas and carrots to the mixture, cover with mash and serve as shepherds pie. X

Mydogatemypurse Fri 06-Mar-20 18:15:39


AdaColeman Fri 06-Mar-20 18:16:56

Slice thinly and fill pita bread, add tzadziki tomatoes cucumber etc

Dice, add leftover gravy & veg, make shepherd's pie.

Dice, use with chopped dried apricots, onions garlic any left over veg, flaked almonds/pine nuts and rice with Moroccan spices to make a pilaff.

ILikeyourHairyHands Fri 06-Mar-20 18:18:38

What everyone else said! I also make biryani if there's not too much left as a little goes a long way.

ignatiusjreilly Fri 06-Mar-20 18:19:31

I had this problem on Monday... I ended up sticking the leftover meat (already sliced) in an oven dish, pouring the leftover gravy over it and warming it through for 15 mins at 180c fan oven... it was delicious and everybody asked me to do it again next time!

Not very imaginative, I know, but so quick and easy!

OhLookHeKickedTheBall Fri 06-Mar-20 18:22:57

Thai Massaman Curry is amazing with lamb.

Pizzaformylunch Fri 06-Mar-20 18:29:50

I often make a sort of tagine - so make a basic tomato sauce, morrocan style spices, chilli, lamb, chickpeas and whatever veg is knocking about - then serve with couscous.

weebarra Fri 06-Mar-20 18:34:49


Lamentations Fri 06-Mar-20 18:49:53

I spread Indian chutney on it and eat it cold.

FusionChefGeoff Fri 06-Mar-20 19:18:03

I'd do a lamb pilaf using up the rest of the fridge at the same time!

Alakazam8 Fri 06-Mar-20 20:33:43

Wow did not expect so many answers! Looks like I won’t have to throw any away any lamb in future.
Mumsnet to the rescue- thanks everyone

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Alakazam8 Fri 06-Mar-20 20:43:21

Just to clarify at risk of seeming stupid but if I was to make curry but using previously roast meat, could I use a slow cooker or better to make a basic curry first and add the lamb towards the end?

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ILikeyourHairyHands Fri 06-Mar-20 22:31:41

I don't use a slow-cooker, but if I make a curry with leftover meat, I cook the onions, spices etc and then add the meat and liquid, it's a much quicker way to cook it as especially with already cooked shoulder the meat's already tender.

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