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Sauce recommendations wanted

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DadManners Tue 03-Mar-20 21:29:14

Need some recipe ideas (usually the closest I get to anything saucy these days grin).

We'll be having some guests round soon, and I'm thinking of doing stuffed chicken breasts (with a normal sage & onion stuffing) wrapped in bacon, as that went down very well last time I did it. The only thing is, it can be a bit dry, and gravy not only ramps up the salt but doesn't seem very adventurous. I'm struggling to think what sauce would go well though. Normally I like quite a creamy or buttery sauce but wouldn't want to make the whole thing too rich. Wondered about something a bit tangy, but not sure what would go with stuffing. Any ideas please?

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RainbowMum11 Tue 03-Mar-20 21:30:15

A ratatouille might work nicely?

Chewbecca Tue 03-Mar-20 21:30:54

You could swap the stuffing for something wetter, I like pesto & cream cheese mixed together.

RainbowMum11 Tue 03-Mar-20 21:31:13

Might stuff with pesto & mozzarella or a diff cheese instead of stuffing though?

pallisers Tue 03-Mar-20 21:36:16


lancslass17 Tue 03-Mar-20 21:58:53

Cacciatore? Basically tomato.

user1469989812 Wed 04-Mar-20 02:47:28

I would suggest serving along
Side creamy garlic mushrooms

So...stuffed chicken breast with creamy, garlic mushrooms as a sauce, fondant potatoes and some green veg. We recently tried a gousto recipe for a potato topped chicken pie, look that up its fab! X

Winterlife Wed 04-Mar-20 03:31:11

I bake chicken at a high temperature (450F) for a short amount of time and it’s never dry.

Here are some sauces. Yummly also as good recipe ideas.

Toomanygerbils Wed 04-Mar-20 03:40:02

If you’re wanting to do sage and onion stuffed chicken then it has to be gravy I think. I tend to make my own sauce/weird concoction for chicken. Basically it’s anything in the fridge plus some stock and tomato purée! Normally frying some chorizo and onions, throwing in some mushrooms and maybe peppers. Adding stock and purée. Letting it simmer a bit and add some herbs and some paprika. Then pour the lot over chicken breasts and cook covered in tin foil, removing half way. Pretty easy to do for multiple people and not had any complaints. Can serve with any type of potato. Sometimes throw extra veg in with the chicken such as baby corn

Blondie1984 Wed 04-Mar-20 04:13:52

I’d do a whisky cream sauce

SunStruck Wed 04-Mar-20 06:27:39

I always do a really nice pesto and creme fraiche sauce with it. Heat creme fraiche up in a pan, add a lot of pesto (I have used both red and green before. Nutty walnut red pesto is usually nice with this). Let it simmer a bit before serving. Super simple but nice, creamy and flavorful.

0blio Wed 04-Mar-20 06:30:46

Like Blondie1984 I'd have a whisky cream sauce but I'd use haggis instead of sage & onion stuffing.

notnowlater Wed 04-Mar-20 09:26:28

I use chicken thighs instead of breasts, and stuff with sausage meat (just sausages with the skins removed) pepped up with some lemon zest and fresh herbs. They usually stay quite moist.

What do you usually serve with the chicken. I usually do a rich mash, or dauphinoise, so this also adds a bit of moisture.

DadManners Wed 04-Mar-20 11:11:08

Thanks all - loads of great suggestions there (making me hungry just reading them!).

@notnowlater That sounds good. I had thought of serving with roast potatoes (and several veg) but do like dauphinoise too. I'll mull over some of the suggestions above and then decide what goes best.

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caperplips Thu 05-Mar-20 13:48:02

creamy whiskey sauce
or creamy mushroom sauce

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