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Mashed potatoes

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karmakameleon Mon 02-Mar-20 18:39:43

So up to now, I’ve rarely made mashed potatoes. Too much phaff and mess, and other potato dishes are so much better. But last week I did them in a instant pot, with a potato ricer and they were amazing. Plus no peeling, minimum effort and very little mess.

But now I don’t know what to serve them with. Before they were only a topping for cottage pie. Occasionally I might serve them with sausages, but never anything else. So what else can I have them with? In my head, they don’t seem to go with anything.

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homemadecommunistrussia Mon 02-Mar-20 18:46:17

I am struggling to think what doesn't go with mash potatoes?confused

homemadecommunistrussia Mon 02-Mar-20 18:47:27

Maybe Chinese food. That's about it.

karmakameleon Mon 02-Mar-20 18:48:55

It’s obviously psychological. I’d do roast potatoes with roast chicken and chipped with sausages. Most other dishes, I serve with an alternative carb (rice, cous cous etc). Can’t think what to have with mash blush

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PotteringAlong Mon 02-Mar-20 18:50:39

Steak pie
Fish pie topping
Shepherds pie

homemadecommunistrussia Mon 02-Mar-20 18:53:38


Lunaballoon Mon 02-Mar-20 18:54:59

Anything with a sauce or gravy, eg sausages and onion gravy, beef stew, coq au vin, roasts. I also like mashed potatoes with fish and parsley sauce.

iklboo Mon 02-Mar-20 18:55:15

Mince & onions
Minute steak with onion gravy
Braised steak
Chicken dinner
Serve as champ or bubble & squeak
Casseroles (sausage, beef or chicken)

okiedokieme Mon 02-Mar-20 18:55:53

Pie, chops, chicken pieces, stew, casserole, chicken Kiev's. Not keen on it with fish myself but mum likes it with salmon in watercress sauce

AdoraBell Mon 02-Mar-20 18:56:27

I love mashed potato with a fried egg on top for comfort food.

karmakameleon Mon 02-Mar-20 19:16:41

Reading some of these suggestions make me realise how mash avoidant I’ve been. Stews and casseroles are served usually with dumplings in our house, sometimes as a cobbler. And DH has been told that the pastry is the carb in a pie, and mash would be overload! Will probably add mash with these meals too now.

And fish and parsley or watercress sauce was one meal I definitely hadn’t considered before. That’ll go on the rotation too.

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SueEllenMishke Mon 02-Mar-20 19:21:52

If you think that's an easy way to make mash try microwave mash. Absolute game changer.

Callmefordinner Mon 02-Mar-20 19:30:55

You need to try frozen mash potato. ITS THE BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD!!!!!!!!!

SueEllenMishke Mon 02-Mar-20 19:44:59

Oh yes I meant frozen, microwave mash.

iklboo Tue 03-Mar-20 07:26:45

Forgot - we make tuna fish cakes too. Mash, tin of tuna, sweetcorn, spring onion. Mix all together, form into patties and lightly fry until golden. We have ours on baby spinach with a poached egg on top.

4merlyknownasSHD Tue 03-Mar-20 10:05:58

Just try ringing the changes. Mash is great at mopping up gravy when having a roast.....better than roast potatoes for that. Also, Bangers & Mash with Onion Gravy can't be beaten. Great with fish. Bubble and Squeak. Lamb Chops, anything. I'm with homemadecommunistrussia here. What doesn't go with mashed potato?

Zisforstripyoss Fri 06-Mar-20 09:43:50

Roast chicken or lamb dinner with mash and loads of gravy is one of the best things in life.

DC like it with fish fingers and peas.

Try it with anything, like homemade said - it goes with pretty much everything!

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