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Burford Brown Eggs.....runny tummy!!?!!

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FlyingWella Sat 29-Feb-20 10:38:09

Hello all. Is it just me and my student son or over the last few months has anyone else been getting the squirts after eating soft boiled/fried Burford Browns? No probs with hard boiled btw...

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Blondie1984 Sun 01-Mar-20 02:33:47

Nope I've not had any problems....

Myshitisreal Sun 01-Mar-20 02:45:16

The squirts??? 🤮 😂

PrincessSarene Sun 01-Mar-20 03:14:02

No problems for any of us here and we regularly eat these as runny eggs.

Lynda07 Sun 01-Mar-20 03:28:35

No, I think they are lovely and always buy them. Could be some other cause however I do remember my dad becoming allergic to eggs at one time which resulted in digestive upsets.

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