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Easy recipe for fussy child coming tonight?

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Growingboys Sat 29-Feb-20 07:59:56

Can you recommend me an easy recipe for a 10 yr old child coming tonight?

His favourite food is chicken and he's not mad on veg!

Thank you

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chickenninja Sat 29-Feb-20 08:02:30


franke Sat 29-Feb-20 08:02:39

Roast chicken wings/legs/whatever and chips. The rest of you can have veg alongside.

Letthemysterybe Sat 29-Feb-20 08:03:55


Sunshinelollipops1 Sat 29-Feb-20 08:06:59

If it’s a fussy child I would do a roast chicken dinner. Put all the veg in separate bowls. I presume they like potatoes. If not do some bread and butter,

loutypips Sat 29-Feb-20 08:07:40

Have you asked his parents what he likes? Often kids will eat stuff at others houses that they don't eat at home anyway.
Pizza is usually a pretty safe bet.

NaturalBlondeYeahRight Sat 29-Feb-20 08:12:56

Chicken wraps, veg /cheese in bowls for kids to add themselves. Works well for groups of people too

SoupDragon Sat 29-Feb-20 08:14:28

Sounds like DS2 at 10! I'd go with roast chicken, chicken fajitas (build your own!), nuggets, pizza...

ElderAve Sat 29-Feb-20 08:16:12

Mine are older now but it was always fish fingers for visiting children.

Growingboys Sat 29-Feb-20 09:01:55

Fajitas is a nice idea, thank you!

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