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Roast cauli, peanut sauce and watercress salad?

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Jux Fri 28-Feb-20 15:44:48

I want to do this recipe (without the battery stuff); I've made it before, everyone loved it (except for the batter!).

I also would like to make a watercress/radish salad but don't know if that will go with the cauliflower.

What do you think?

buckeejit Fri 28-Feb-20 21:02:54

Sounds good but what else is in the recipe

BloomedAgain Fri 28-Feb-20 21:09:30

I do this
also as a whole roast cauliflower with the tahini dressing.
I guess it would have a similar nutty taste to yours. That salad sounds nice. Some crusty bread or roast potatoes/rice/couscous would be a nice addition too.

Jux Sat 29-Feb-20 00:23:50

Thank you! I meant to link to the recipe blush and now I can't find it!!

Anyway, I was going to do rice with it but in the end dh brought some s!iced chicken as well, so while we should have had a carb, we didn't. The cauli \peanut sauce is pretty fil!ing.

The salad was nice with some sliced radishes added.

BloomedAgain Sat 29-Feb-20 14:25:32

Sounds good!

Jux Sun 01-Mar-20 11:41:20

Found the recipe!

Jux Sun 01-Mar-20 11:47:10

The peanut sauce is really good!

There was nowhere in town which had any actual ginger left - boxes completely cleaned out! in all the main supermarkets, and the deli was shut - and the one I had in the fridge had suffered from a leak from something else, so I used Lazy Ginger (in a jar in rice vinegar or something) and it was OK but I should have used tons of the stuff to make up for it not being fresh. If I get stuck like that again I'll use ginger powder.

BloomedAgain Sun 01-Mar-20 14:21:58

Looks great. I'll try it this week.

Jux Fri 06-Mar-20 12:26:01

Did you try it, BloomedAgain? How did you find it?

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