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Can you recommend a saucepan set please?

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soupdragon321 Wed 26-Feb-20 08:25:52

Hi, we need to get a new set of saucepans and would like a bit of advice from you lovely people. We want to ‘up’ our cooking, we use gas and would like a great non stick set of pans but the choices are endless. They need to be hard wearing, very non stick, but also look good as we’re getting a new kitchen (would prefer not to get black) Can anyone suggest a set? We can go up to £150 fir the right set (but obvs would prefer cheaper!) 😊

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MondeoFan Wed 26-Feb-20 08:27:54

I only buy Le Cruset they are cast iron so had them years. Expensive but pay for what you get. You can use them in oven as well as on hob

Geoffreythecat Wed 26-Feb-20 08:33:02

Anolon pans are excellent if you want non stick - I bought mine as and when they appeared in TKMaxx so can't really help with where to get them. That said, I now also have a set of Stellar pans; they aren't non stick but they are the best pans I've ever had.

PrayingandHoping Wed 26-Feb-20 08:36:06

Bizarrely.... Pyrex!!

We go to holiday cottages a lot and came across a set of these. Brilliant!! Non stick actually IS non stick and cleans with no effort at all. Have now started replacing mine with them.

Would never have considered that brand. Have used tefal and own brands before and these are SO much better

I have a le creuset for hob dishes that transfer to oven. They are a PAIN to clean! If anything burns you have to boil them in the hob with bicarbonate of soda. Ugh. Puts me off!

4merlyknownasSHD Wed 26-Feb-20 09:31:09

No matter how good the non-stick coating in a pan is (it will be fantastic when you first get it) it will deteriorate with use. Good non-stick will take longer to deteriorate than bad non-stick, but deteriorate it will (same with Bakeware). Having had non-stick coated pans for years, we have switched to Stainless Steel pans by Kuhn Rikon which do not have a non-stick coating and are the best pans we have ever had. They will last for years.

TenaciousP Wed 26-Feb-20 10:03:33

I'm also going to say Le Creuset. But I have the 3-ply stainless steel ones.

puds11 Wed 26-Feb-20 10:08:13

I’ve had the same set of Tefal for over 8 years and they still work as well as they did. I cannot stand cleaning stainless steal pans. Bloody hate them.

Geoffreythecat Wed 26-Feb-20 10:41:22

My Stellar pans are stainless steel, as long as you put water in them after use, they clean really easily.

mommybear1 Wed 26-Feb-20 14:35:25

I like Judge pans they are hard wearing and easy to clean - having said that I recently got a saucepan from Ikea and it's amazing washes beautifully and stupidly cheap!

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Wed 26-Feb-20 14:38:48


I bought on line for about £100 iirc. They are amazing and like brand new, can't see why I wouldn't get another 20 years out of them.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Wed 26-Feb-20 14:41:07

I have this set

bloodywhitecat Wed 26-Feb-20 14:41:51

I'm also going to say Le Creuset. But I have the 3-ply stainless steel ones.

Likewise, I have the 3-ply stainless steel too they have stood up well to the tests of time and even burnt on stuff comes off nicely with very little effort (I got mine 2nd hand, new ones will be over your budget).

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Wed 26-Feb-20 14:42:02

I also bought a big stock pot and big jug type pan too.

Igmum Wed 26-Feb-20 14:49:31

Le Creuset here too. I used to buy one item a year to build up my set and looked out for sales

Offthebeatenpath Thu 27-Feb-20 18:21:00

Non stick pans wear out so quickly - we've been through a couple of Le Creuset frying pans lifetime guarantee apparently and then we had a John Lewis ceramic pan that last 3 months, then an Anolon think that lasted 9 months - currently on an Eaziglide Neverstick3 quite impressed - it's 3 months and the non stick looks perfect. We also bought some cast iron pans for high heating frying - which I'm told is the reason for my pans failing.

HorseFlyOfExtraordinaryLength Thu 27-Feb-20 18:27:21

I got stainless steel. Jamie Oliver Tefal set
I wanted to be able to bung them in the dishwasher which I'm never confident about doing with non stick.

HardAsSnails Thu 27-Feb-20 18:44:14

Le Creuset stainless steel here too, really good saucepans and easy to clean. I use a GreenPan frying pan and sauté pan as I prefer non-stick for those.

Notthebloodygym Thu 27-Feb-20 22:20:42

I've always had stainless steel pans. I like the ones with a copper base. I also keep a le creuset casserole and a John Lewis own brand small non stick pan.

Stroan Thu 27-Feb-20 22:29:44

Circulon. I've just bought new ones to replace a ten year old set which were going strong but starting to scratch. Also have le creuset casserole dishes so I'm well covered with pan options!

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