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Lost recipe - Help! Jamie Oliver sweet potato, red pepper and chickpea curry

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dollibob Mon 24-Feb-20 21:05:38

I had a favourite recipe, but could never remember the exact quantities of spices without referring back to the recipe I had stored on my laptop.

Laptop died.
R.I.P. laptop.

it was a sweet potato, red pepper and chickpea curry with coconut milk. it involved making a paste of coriander, red onion, ginger, garlic and chilli first. Toasting spices and grinding them (I think fennel seed, black pepper, cinnamon and fenugreek), then frying the paste and spices and adding red pepper and roast sweet potato, then tinned toms and chickpeas and coconut milk.

Does anyone have the recipe? It appears to have completely ceased to exist on the interwebs confused

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Myshitisreal Tue 25-Feb-20 02:04:51

Hnmm can you remember how you found it. A Specific series or book etc??

wheretonow123 Tue 25-Feb-20 02:13:08

Is this it?

Oblomov20 Tue 25-Feb-20 02:23:53

I don't think it can be that one because, because Jamie Oliver generally starts with/recommends :

the Pataks paste and then adds coconut milk and passata to a lot of his recommended curry's.

Whereas op I think made the paste herself, using toasted original individual spices?

dollibob Tue 25-Feb-20 08:29:46

It was an old one from an app he had about 5 years ago. Definitely didn’t use pataks.

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Myshitisreal Tue 25-Feb-20 13:26:52

Some of his older curry recipes have options of making the paste, or buying pataks. Just gonna check my ministry of food book here. Op what do you mean from an app??? Sorry don't quite get it xx

Myshitisreal Tue 25-Feb-20 13:41:51

I've checked ministry,Superfood. Comfort food and veg and can't see it . That's 4 of his 23 books 😂

dollibob Tue 25-Feb-20 16:00:32

He had a recipe app for a while that had new content each week or month or something. There was a basic free version and extra paid content available. The recipe came from there I think.
Thank you all for looking, it’s most appreciated 😊
I think I’ll just have to wing it from memory x

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