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Best Fruit & Fibre

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juliesqs Sun 23-Feb-20 13:28:10

Anyone have any recommendations what is the best fruit&fibre such as store brand etc. Thanks x

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ClientQueen Sun 23-Feb-20 13:31:08

The Morrison's one is nice

NannyR Sun 23-Feb-20 13:33:25

I second the suggestion of Morrisons, by far the nicest of any I've tried - loads of fruity bits.

juliesqs Sun 23-Feb-20 23:44:30

Thanks for the suggestions if only my Morrison's was closer!! But will try for my next purchase x

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GrannyHaddock Mon 24-Feb-20 21:51:29

The Waitrose own-brand cereals are good and half the price of the Kelloggs and Nestle products that they resemble.

DramaAlpaca Mon 24-Feb-20 21:54:14

I like the Aldi one, because it's not too sweet.

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