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Double cream query!

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LegoLeia Wed 05-Sep-07 08:48:57

Hi! I have a recipe which needs double cream but have almost a whole tin of evaporated milk that needs using up! What do you think about the switch?

BecauseImWorthIt Wed 05-Sep-07 08:51:24

Depends if it's a sweet or savoury recipe - evap is very sweet.

Also, I don't think evap will whip up in the same way? (Not sure about this)

what's the recipe?

LegoLeia Wed 05-Sep-07 08:54:57

Pear clafoutis, it's kind of a set custard baked around the pears - no whipping involved, and sweet. But do I risk the last batch of pears?

BecauseImWorthIt Wed 05-Sep-07 08:57:19

Might work - my mum used to make custard (ordinary Birds) with evap rather than ordinary milk, just leaving out the sugar.

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