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Sear and Stew slow cookers

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DorsetCamping Mon 17-Feb-20 19:08:48

Tbh I prefer my old pressure cooker. Every time I've used the IP for pressure cooking, the food has always stuck to the bottom even with the right amount of liquid.

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handbagsatdawn33 Mon 17-Feb-20 18:53:25

@DorsetCamping Can I ask what's wrong with the IP, please?
Does it not sear & stew? I'm really interested in it.

DorsetCamping Mon 17-Feb-20 13:16:15

That's my thinking @Invisimamma. Just wondering if will work ok with ceramic hobs

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Invisimamma Mon 17-Feb-20 13:02:00

I have the sear and stew, it's a basic morphy Richards one. Really happy with it and it's lasted years. I do have a gas hob though. Really useful for browning meat and not having to dirty another pot.

DorsetCamping Mon 17-Feb-20 12:59:26

I've actually got an IP but not overtly impressed with it. Currently sat gathering dust at the back of my cupboard!

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handbagsatdawn33 Mon 17-Feb-20 12:29:52

When my slow & pressure cookers die I'll probably get an Instant Pot.
They are multi-purpose, & would save room in my small kitchen.

DorsetCamping Mon 17-Feb-20 07:59:40

I already own a standard slow cooker but it's in its last legs and I like the idea of searing all in one pot.

Any recommendations on which one to get. I have a crappy old ceramic hob and have heard a few reviews about the non-stick melting when searing food?

Also is it worth paying extra to get a digital model?

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