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First day on meal planner was..............................

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Radley Mon 03-Sep-07 19:17:36


They didn't eat their breakfast,thinking I would back down and let them snack, but we didnt, then for lunch (after the swimming baths) they wanted a kentucky) instead they had a homemade sandwich sat on the grass. No snacks in between.

Dinner, breaded chicken breasts with fresh veg.

Tomorrow morning it's peanut butter on toast and dinner is bacon, mushroom and potato fritatta with fresh home made bread

DH has been moaning to one of the barmaids at the local and she told me she gave him what for and said what I was doing was bloody good, he apparantly went in saying 'they are kids, they should be able to eat crap' shock thank god she's a mate of mine, don't know what else she said, but it's so far worked, he's backed me to the hilt all day.

Whaddy think?

Peachy Mon 03-Sep-07 19:21:30

Good on you!

Radley Mon 03-Sep-07 19:23:12

Thanks peachy.

So far so good, but, I think we are really going to suffer as on mumsnetter mentioned, when the distinct lack of sugar kicks in.

dissle Mon 03-Sep-07 19:23:45

stick to your guns.

i planned for the week this morning, went to Tesco and spent £37 on the weeks shopping.

this is a huge saving!

it really does work, keep it up!

Radley Mon 03-Sep-07 19:24:52

I'm also making more of an effort with packed lunches.

Othersideofthechannel Mon 03-Sep-07 19:26:05

I'm pleased to hear this was a success for you. Hope your DH comes round soon.

jambuttie Sat 08-Sep-07 22:25:23

well donr keep up the good work hun

harryruby Sat 08-Sep-07 22:41:40

sorry just read thread. how did you manage to spend £37 on food,what did you buy dissle? iv just spent £80 at asda today

jambuttie Sun 09-Sep-07 09:47:10

Wow £37 you lucky woman LOL!!!!

I spend about £24 at our local fruit market on fruit and veg for the week(and we eat mostly frozen veg????)

Have menu planned though and have to say we do save a lot too, normally just go and get whats on the list- unless dh or ds's are with meangry LOL

chacha3 Sun 09-Sep-07 09:59:57

thats fab £37! gonna try that starting tomorrow!

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