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When to stop giving cooled boiled water???

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Rohey Mon 03-Sep-07 16:31:45

Hi.. Just wanted to know when it was ok to stop giving cooled boiled? My dd2 is coming up to 10 months and for the life of me I cannot remember when I stopped for my dd1... How the brain cells deteriorate.. No books tells you that bit!!! blush

NAB3 Mon 03-Sep-07 16:32:17

12 months

clarinsgirl Mon 03-Sep-07 16:33:08

I boiled for the first 18 months - but I think its OK to stop at a year, fraid my brain cells have gone a similar way...

PenelopePissedup Mon 03-Sep-07 16:34:10

good question...I asked it as I read a leaflet from Boots ,I think that said only needs to be boiled up to 6mths.
HV told me 12 mths, my MIL (a MW) reckoned about 12 too.

NormaStanleyFletcher Mon 03-Sep-07 16:36:58

I didn't see the point of boiling water past 6 months as she was starting solids, and picking up all sorts of stuff from around the house and sucking it (everything from toys to her brother's feethmm)

flowerybeanbag Mon 03-Sep-07 16:38:24

that's what I was going to say. DS is 3.5 months and he puts everything he can reach in his mouth already. I cannot sterilise everything in sight!

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Mon 03-Sep-07 16:38:57

same time i stopped steralising 6 months, he was rolling round and picking up all sorts of muck anyway!! and i never steralised his bowls etc so didnt see much point!

Rohey Mon 03-Sep-07 16:39:45

Thanks all..
As expected you mumnetters out there came to my rescue again...!!!

NAB3 Mon 03-Sep-07 16:39:57

It isn't about that though. With bottles it is about the milk and getting rid of any nasties from them.

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Mon 03-Sep-07 16:41:02

but parents of special care babies are told not to steralise, so for a big fat (as mine was) 6 month old i can see no problem!

Rohey Mon 03-Sep-07 16:41:30

The minute they both were crawling I stopped sterlising.. I think I sterlised her bowls and spoons for the first 2 weeks of weaning an then fatigue got the better of me...
The diswater took on that role...

Rohey Mon 03-Sep-07 16:42:24

I meant dishwasher.. I told you the grey cells are receeding...

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Mon 03-Sep-07 16:44:05

you have dishwater that washes for you?? i need to get some of that grin wink

Seona1973 Mon 03-Sep-07 19:40:36

tap water is fine from 6 months as per food satndards agency and babycentre website. I do still sterilise bottles for formula but am not sure why as when I make up the formula I then decant it into a beaker for ds to drink (which i dondt sterilise!). DS is 11 months and has had tap water since 5 1/2 months which is when we started weaning him.

Seona1973 Mon 03-Sep-07 19:41:24

that will be food standards agency blush

UCM Mon 03-Sep-07 19:44:56

I gave my DD tap water from about 4 months. Uh Oh, and I never sterilised, another Uh Oh, and she is much more healthy than DS ever was, I sterilised my hands with him and he got D&V at 13 weeks 6 months 1 year etc.

She had peanut butter (smooth) as soon as she was 6 months, strawberries, everything really

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