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Whelks- ideas needed

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Elouera Wed 12-Feb-20 13:17:52

I put whelks into fish pie, but how do you eat them? Just plain, or in certain recipes- if so, in what?

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TheQueef Wed 12-Feb-20 13:20:53

Haven't had it for years but my Nan did them with mushrooms in a garlicky sauce.
Chewy fuckers but nice.

Elouera Wed 12-Feb-20 14:00:49

@TheQueef- were they served as a main or just a side dish?

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TheQueef Wed 12-Feb-20 14:16:49

Main dish as the protein.
Heavy on the whelks because they were cheap and served with mash and green beans.

The whelk juice flavoured the mushrooms so it felt a lot more luxurious than it was you need bread and butter to mop up smile

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