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What is the best way to cook salmon?

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sandyballs Mon 03-Sep-07 12:01:33

I'm not very keen on fish but DD tried salmon at the weekend and adored it so I want to get some for her. I need ideas on how to cook it. I have poached haddock fillets before in milk in a pan, is it ok to do this with salmon or better to put it in the oven?

Emzy5 Mon 03-Sep-07 12:05:50

you can cook it like that.

my fav is to put in a tin foil package with some lemon juice (and herbs if you wish...) yummy.

ps make sure the package is sealed.

also i bet she'd like tuna steak too

Furzella Mon 03-Sep-07 12:06:38

I think for fillets it's best wrapped in foil with a blob of butter on the top. If you do it in a hottish oven it'll only take 10 minutes. Also you can steam it. You can do most things to a salmon actually -poach, pan fry, chuck it in a fish pie, etc etc. Iff dd is very little and you're going to mush it, then poached is probably best, but if she's bigger then doing it in foil in the oven will keep it less flaky.

The M&S packs of frozen salmon fillets are vg quality and I don't think crazily expensive.

themoon66 Mon 03-Sep-07 12:07:06

I put into a greased ovenproof dish with a little blob of butter and seal the dish with foil. Cook for 20 mins at about 180 or 200. About 30 mins if frozen.

littlelapin Mon 03-Sep-07 12:08:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Emzy5 Mon 03-Sep-07 12:11:51

also, you could make lil fish cakes together. fun for lil fingers and they're really yummy. esp if you aren't that keen on fish yourself.

mummydoit Mon 03-Sep-07 12:16:46

I'm another fan of the foil package method, with lemon juice and lots of freshly-ground black pepper. You can pan-fry it in a little olive oil or butter too. It also makes a delicious pasta dish if you fry the salmon, add asparagus (and capers, if you like them) and pour a carton of double cream over the lot, then serve over pasta. Not very low-calorie, though!

Furzella Mon 03-Sep-07 12:24:22

Ooo, and have you tried dd with smoked salmon? No cooking at all involved then! Dd2 loves it though dd1 won't go near it. I do an almost identical pasta recipe to mummydoit but with smoked salmon and courgette and we all love that!

sandyballs Mon 03-Sep-07 12:29:12

Thanks everyone, some great ideas here.
DD is 6 and has suddenly become much more adventurous with her food. I was a bit blush to think I have limited her diet to things that me and DH like, which although wide-ranging still excludes some things that she would probably love.

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