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What would you do with this duck?

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sparklefarts Sat 08-Feb-20 08:42:54

Bought this. It was with Bao buns but forgot to pick them up and now can't find any. Not sure I want them anyway ..

What would you serve with this?

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Minimonkeysmum Sat 08-Feb-20 08:48:42

Could do in wraps, with some cucumber and spring onions? Or with some rice and stir fried veg?

sparklefarts Sat 08-Feb-20 09:10:29

Was thinking about the wraps, just wondered if it would work with it being a spicy duck instead.

May go with rice

Thank you!

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myrtleWilson Sat 08-Feb-20 09:13:10

Or you could shred it, mix through with some borlotti/cannelini beans and top with breadcrumbs and bake for a cassoulet type affair?

sparklefarts Sat 08-Feb-20 09:13:18

Was thinking I'd just shred it all off the bone and make a fried rice just we have them at quite a lot anyway

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OlaEliza Sat 08-Feb-20 10:43:20

You could make gyozas

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