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Tinned lentils in slow cooker

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Ivysaurus Thu 06-Feb-20 13:14:54

Will they turn out okay? Never cooked lentils before. I'm following a recipe using a 'very lazy sausage and lent casserole' slow cooker paste pot. Instructions are in the pic. I did it right except I used tinned lentils instead of dried? Also what would you serve it with? I've put it on high 5-6 hours as I started it late, thanks!

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VanGoghsDog Thu 06-Feb-20 13:21:33

They'll probably just disintegrate. But they'll be fine.

I'd serve it with bread or baked potato. Though, I wouldn't because I wouldn't eat it - I don't like sausages.

Ivysaurus Thu 06-Feb-20 13:25:03

Eep! should I take it off the slow cooker? I pre cooked the veggie sausages and onions. Maybe I should put in a big saucepan later instead?

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OriginalTaste Thu 06-Feb-20 13:34:47

It'd work well with dried as they generally need to be soaked for hours before cooking, so this is like a double whammy soaking and cooking. Tinned will be fine I'm sure, though they generally only take a couple of minutes to cook so they might just become part of the sauce!
It sounds tasty though, so I might try it with veggie sausages as well!


whyamidoingthis Thu 06-Feb-20 13:49:23

It'd work well with dried as they generally need to be soaked for hours before cooking

Lentils don’t need to be soaked before cooking. Red split lentils cook very quickly. Puy, green, brown lentils take longer but still cook much quicker than other pulses.

Op - I’ve never used tinned as the dried ones cook quickly but as they’re already cooked I’d say they’ll go to mush.

OriginalTaste Thu 06-Feb-20 14:03:02

My mistake OP and @whyamidoingthis, I have chickpeas on my mind and was thinking of those!

OP you could just pop it all in a saucepan and cook it on the hob for about 30 mins (depending on the veg..) smile

whyamidoingthis Thu 06-Feb-20 14:19:49

I have chickpeas on my mind and was thinking of those!

Which is why I always use tinned chickpeas. Life is too short to be that organised grin

OriginalTaste Thu 06-Feb-20 14:47:09

Haha same @whyamidoingthis! Tinned is the way forward!

Ivysaurus Thu 06-Feb-20 14:47:27

Right I might take it out and put on the hob later instead, it was tinned green lentils. Still not sure what to serve it with (if it's edible) maybe this is a disaster and I should just forget it 😩 or save it for lunch tomorrow rather than serve it as evening meal tonight for the husband

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whyamidoingthis Thu 06-Feb-20 15:58:13

I'd serve with rice or mash

Ivysaurus Thu 06-Feb-20 16:31:40

I've done a taste test and it's not a mushy mess so I've left it on low.. I also pulled some mash out the freezer to do with it grin will test it on the toddler shortly. Thanks for the tips!

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whyamidoingthis Thu 06-Feb-20 16:51:10

That's great smile

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